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Access Shaft Working

Safe working is the key to successful projects. When our broadcast client approached us to install a new power distribution system in a hotel lift motor room, there were several challenges that had to be tackled.

The lift access room was situated on roof level and accessed from a vertical access ringed ladder from the top landing of the hotel’s access stairwell. At 4.4m from the lift motor room floor to the stairwell landing, the material and engineers would need to be safely transported without endangering themselves or the hotel staff and guests.

In addition, the cables would need to be installed up through the shaft, through the external wall and down to the ground floor, making working off the vertical ladder and scaffolds with tools and materials risky.

Firstly, in conjunction with the hotel management, the stairwells were installed with barriers and signage to ensure the drop zones were safely maintained. Being a lift motor room, a suitable H beam was available to use, so our trained roof top workers kitted out in full harness, clipped a beam trolley and manual single fall hoist to their belts and transported them to the top using suitable fall arrest safe systems of working.

Once in place, the hoist was used in conjunction with a “Python Safe Bucket” to transport items safely up through the ladder loops with no danger of tipping and emptying the contents down the stairwell.

All the hand tools to be used were fitted with “Python Safety D Rings” using “Python Quick Wrap Tape” so when it can time to install the cable tray and steel wire armoured cable through the shaft and down the outside of the building, this could be done safely without the risk of tools falling and bouncing off the ladder or scaffold and injuring staff and guests in the carpark below. From recent studies, falling tools can bounce incredible distances when hitting horizontal struts and obstructions, so this is a real danger when working at height.

The installation was completed on time and without incident prompting our client to comment: “Many thanks to the team for getting this work completed and we appreciate the professional approach that you provided at short notice”