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Bespoke Cooling Systems

Overcoming restrictions, limitations and problems onsite are all par for the course in the design, manufacture and, in particular, installation of bespoke cooling systems.

This was definitely the case when we worked on a bespoke Air Handling Unit (AHU) installation for a major UK client back in 2013. The client requested a refurbishment of an old radio room for new services, including new cooling for the new equipment on a hilltop mast site.

Upon surveying the site, as we do as standard on all our projects, we quickly identified that there was only one external wall for supply air equipment. We also noted that there were limitations on the space we had to fit the unit, as well as limitations for onsite movement. There were also confinements on penetration into the building around existing cable management and a vertically fixed access ladder.

The solution was to design a bespoke air handling unit, with a new ventilation system. The unit was designed to be modular, with components shipped separately and fitted on-site. We also ensured it was lighter, allowing manual handling, and had a special weather seal when the two halves were married up and bolted together, ensuring complete protection. The unit was delivered, positioned, erected and weather sealed all in one day.

Following the successful installation of their new AHU, the client commented: “Transcool Systems understood our needs and provided a bespoke solution to our problem. They were extremely professional and efficient and I would highly recommend their services.”

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