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Transcool Systems Ltd was asked to provide expert support in reducing existing plant noise in a water tower that had equipment rooms and offices in it, following angry complaints from the tenants of the building.

Issues had arisen for the landlord, with reports of the noise and vibration of the fans running at quieter times, being extremely annoying for those who worked there.

The local operations teams had already installed increased anti vibration dampers to reduce the perceived vibration issues, but complaints were still coming in.

Transcool Systems Ltd visited the site in November 2014 and it became apparent, quite quickly, that the problem was not one of vibration.

The work done by the operations team had successfully isolated the fans from the structure, the only remaining concern was the fans suspended from the ceiling (the more lightweight parts of the structure) and not the solid brick walls.

The offices and common areas were found to be very quiet spaces and therefore any noise was amplified for those in close proximity.

In reality, the fans were very quiet and the effect of them switching on/off and running could be dealt with by some low level background noise, such as a radio, in the offices at the quietest times (the tenant worked late into the night).

The results showed noise levels were well within the required levels for legislation and current recommendations by governing bodies such as CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers).

Unfortunately the situation had become more political, however, and therefore a further sound deadening of the ventilation equipment was required.

Transcool Systems recommended the full encasement of the ventilation fans in an acoustic enclosure to minimize the sound of the fans starting, stopping and running during the night and other quiet times of the working day and weekends.

The team produced proposed drawings and costings showing the modifications recommended to reduce the breakout noise to a level that would pacify the (business) tenant, above the Tx room.

Subsequently, the work was carried out to a result which was satisfactory for all.