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5 benefits of using a heat exchanger that’s right for you

5 benefits of using a heat exchanger that’s right for you

Heat exchangers are an invaluable piece of kit within many industries, whether they are used for air conditioning, refrigeration, or a wide variety of other industrial functions.

The effective ability to transfer heat between two mediums, without the two being allowed to mix, makes them incredibly useful in fields such as engineering, the oil and gas industry, chemical processing and power generation.

One of the biggest uses of a heat exchanger is for fluid heating and cooling – in a process or system which can be prone to excessive changes in temperature. But, when it comes to choosing the right one for your industrial environment, it’s important to give it some thought.

Sourcing a heat exchanger which is bespoke to your specific needs is a great move. And if you’re wondering what benefits the right kind of heat exchanger will bring to your workplace, then let us go into a bit more detail.

The benefits of a bespoke heat exchanger

Technology has moved on so much in recent times that there is a wide variety of types of heat exchanger to choose from, most of which have been designed to be compact, efficient and easy to maintain.

If the transfer of heat between fluids is what you need and you don’t have a large area to play with, then you might go for the spiral wound coil matrix heat exchanger, for example, which is renowned for its highly efficient use of space.

When looking to purchase the heat exchanger which is right for you, ensure you’ll be benefiting from the following attributes:

  • Efficient – less prone to breakdowns and up to the job it’s needed for.
  • Optimal use of space – does it need to fit into a small area? Choose a type which comes with less volume and a smaller footprint.
  • Cost effective – identify your requirements and ensure you’re getting equipment which is not only value for money, but right for the job.
  • Easy to maintain – many heat exchangers are designed in such a way which makes them easy to clean, maintain, disassemble and inspect.
  • Bespoke nature – invest in something which has been designed and manufactured for your specific needs.

Heat exchangers designed with the individual in mind

At Transcool Systems, we specialise in the bespoke design of heat exchangers including plate fin and the spirally wound finned tube type.

These come in a variety of tube and casing materials and fan types to meet the environmental conditions, depending on where the heat exchanger is to be located and what it is to be used for.

We can manufacture the spiral wound finned tube on its own or make it into a matrix to create a heat exchanger or add a matrix and fan with enclosure and make it into a blast cooler.

Things to bear in mind when designing your heat exchanger

So, when you need a heat exchanger that’s right for you, always bear in mind the following considerations:

  1. Is there a good airflow around the unit, (although we can design duct work to overcome a tight spot).
  2. The distance from the pumping unit – is there available head pressure, (although we can design a matched pumping unit, if needed).
  3. If mounting is on a roof or wall, load bearing may be a factor, so the design of the unit and supports can be made to reduce effects.
  4. Weather – if corrosion is a problem or it’s in a coastal location you may require special materials. Conditions such as prevailing wind and snow build up all need to be considered.
  5. Consider your environment and the effects the heat exchanger could have on it. Look to high efficiency fans, considerate material selection, noise reduction (we can attenuate the unit) and the right colour (we can paint them to match existing surroundings).
  6. Look at the size and shape of the machine – is there access for delivery, build, maintenance and removal?
  7. What power is available? This is important for fan selection, for example.

If you need help in finding the proper heat exchanger for your individual needs, then give us a call today for professional and helpful advice. We’re always happy to offer support and information where we can.