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A Terrific Year For Transcool Systems

2015 has been a fantastic year for Transcool Systems.  The national rollout of Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) has kept us busy and allowed us to apply our skills and experience in new and challenging scenarios.  Our specialist HVAC and electrical installation solutions are continuing to delve into a variety of different industries that have benefited from the efficiency and cost savings of either our custom-designed or off-the-shelf systems.

DAB has been huge for us this year but we are no strangers to a national digital rollout, with our previous work helping digital television to go nationwide.  Our previous radio experience also came in handy with this project, which involved replacing DAB transmission equipment at 23 sites throughout the UK.  The work itself included logistics, transmission systems, LV power and ventilation systems.  As part of this, we created a far more efficient power solution for our clients by undertaking cross-site LV power rationalisation to bring parts of the larger sites onto the latest generator installation, reducing the dependence on separate HV supplies and, thereby, reducing energy costs.

Another successful DAB project involved the installation of a new DAB service across 40 sites in the UK. Similar services were involved but additionally we used our specialist logistics knowledge and experience to arrange for cabin movements and on site positioning fully loaded with delicate equipment. All of these services were delivered within budget and on time.

In the New Year, we look forward to continuing to work with our loyal customers and to branching out into new areas, such as refineries, airports, pharmaceutical production and chemical storage, where our custom-designed power installations and HVAC systems are perfect for maximising efficiency and safety and minimising costs.

Make 2016 a brilliant year for your business by contacting Transcool Systems via info@transcoolsystems.co.uk or call us to discuss your options on 01903 733 911.