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Air conditioned or brainwashed… Have you got the right system for you?


Air conditioned or brainwashed… Have you got the right system for you?

You may be a romantic and feel like life should be lived in all its sensual glory – hot, sweaty or not. Equally, you might be like those in humid cities – a worshipper of the air con! More than not, you are likely to be in the crowd who demand some decent air conditioning to make life enjoyable.

This is not an article for the purest. We are not suggesting that you should battle it out with summer. However, nor are we entirely brainwashed by the demand that it should always be air conditioning for your equipment room or your cabin.

It is possible that a well-designed ventilation system could be cheaper, more efficient and just as effective – oh, and much better for the environment.

The argument against air conditioning

The first thing to note is that air conditioners suck you dry of electricity. If you have a smart meter, you will see the pence tick over at a regularity that will make the finance officer go grey.

It is not only that the air conditioning unit is a significant investment to begin with, which might not be warranted for a small cabin or equipment room. It is that running it at a set temperature will continue to cost with little return on the investment.

Don’t get us wrong; we are massive fans of air conditioning. In an office where the comfort of your professionals impacts productivity, then the return on your investment is sound.

No one wants a smelly bank manager or housing clerk, for instance. However, in a room where there is little cause for humans to come and go for any length of time, then air conditioning is a luxury you can do without – and so can the world.

Technology has moved on and most technical equipment is quite happy performing in temperatures in the mid 30’s which sits well above the average summer temperatures in the UK.

The case for a well-designed ventilation system

A well-designed ventilation system can deliver clean air through your technical space while promoting energy efficiency.

Well designed filtration will keep pollens, dust and moisture from entering the room. It can reduce the chance of mould, water leakage, excessive humidity – with air movement creating cooling ventilation for workers coming and going.

Let’s be clear. If you choose the right, high-quality ventilation system, it will control impurities. It will also reduce the condensation in your buildings. Both of these factors will improve the health of a building.

With well designed speed control, your ventilation will also regulate the air flow, ensuring the right amount of external air is used to regulate the internal temperatures. In addition, a well designed distribution system also provides for an even temperature throughout the space.

The right equipment for the right job

The art of designing the facilities for a building is in finding the right equipment for the right job.

You want high-value, efficient and effective tools. It is true that many people immediately think that air-conditioning is the only way to control the air quality and temperature in a room effectively.

However, this is a costly choice and might not be warranted. A well-designed air ventilation system could well save you money for installation and in the long term with energy costs. Have a pause for thought and you might discover that this is the perfect solution for your air quality needs.

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