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Air Handling Units – choosing the best option

An air handling unit (AHU) provides air flow for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.  Among the options a client faces when considering the right solution for their application is whether to choose a bespoke or off-the-shelf unit.

An off-the-shelf unit can be a great choice if your requirements are not too specific and time is of the essence. If that is the case, an off-the shelf unit can be the easiest and quickest solution. It may not, though, be the best or the most cost- effective.

With a bespoke system, the unit can be designed to suit the exact environment and the space restrictions of the site for which it is intended. The bespoke option also offers  more flexibility when it comes to the layout of units – for instance, they can be vertical, horizontal or modular, which is can help to reduce the cost of on-site installation.

Flexible design also opens the way to easy integration with existing control systems.

With bespoke systems, lifting and handling on-site is factored into the design and installation process, reducing construction site Health & Safety risks.  The units are also provided with a level of documentation not provided by off the shelf manufacturers including; list of spares, layout drawings, factory load test data and, if required, can be factory acceptance tested (FAT) for witnessing and signing off by a client.

While an off-the-shelf unit means a shorter lead time, the bespoke unit matches the requirements of the client, and not just the manufacturer – whether in terms of fan performance, acoustic dampening, humidifier specifications, filtration, colour, or maximising energy efficiency to help achieve carbon emission targets.  For overseas installations the correct power supply can also be fitted.

A further bespoke advantage is that the client will not be paying for a unit that is too big for their needs.

Transcool Systems provides bespoke air handling units with integrated controls for indoor, outdoor and space-restricted locations, along with upgrades of existing systems.  Call our design and project management team now on 01903 733911 to discuss your requirements.

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