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Are you struggling to find the right Air Handling Unit?

Are you struggling to find the right Air Handling Unit?

Air handling units are so important in a whole range of workplaces and commercial operations. But choosing the right one for your specific organisational needs can sometimes feel like a minefield.

Having the correct ventilation, for example, can help prevent condensation and damp, while keeping equipment safe from overheating and getting rid of any dangerous fumes which might be hazardous to workers’ health.

But, it can also be the cause of heat loss, meaning that more energy is needed to keep a building at the temperature required to maintain a comfortable working environment. This in turn means more cost to you.

Make the most of your air handling unit

According to the Carbon Trust, around 60% of office heat is lost through the building fabric. And this wasted heat also costs money. However, installing technology that centrally operates heating, ventilation, cooling and lighting, then ensuring the correct running of that equipment can reduce those energy costs.

Two examples of ways to make the most out of your air handling unit are as follows:

  • Ensuring control systems are set correctly, taking into account changes in weather and building occupancy levels.
  • Installing variable-speed drives to ensure pumps and fans only operate at the speeds necessary to meet demand.

Some air conditioning systems can increase a building’s energy consumption by 100%, hiking up costs and having a negative effect on the environment. But this can easily be avoided by choosing exactly the right air handling unit.

Evaluate what temperature certain equipment needs to be cooled down or heated to and where that equipment is to be located. This particular temperature doesn’t necessarily have to be the same everywhere. And this theory can be applied to the people who work in your building too.

Consider changing the temperature, depending on who is working where, at what time of day and the time of the year it is.

This can be done when you invest in an air handling unit that has been specifically designed for your organisation and premises.

Even if you already have a system in place, it’s worth investigating how effective that system is and where savings on energy and cost can be made.

What you should expect from your handling unit

Upgrading to a new energy efficient system which makes use of the latest energy saving technology could save thousands of pounds.

Transcool Systems specialises in the bespoke design and manufacture of air handling units, silencers, acoustic lining and fan boxes including acoustic design, fan selection and filtration specification to meet any of your installation requirements.

Our bespoke air handling units have integrated controls for indoor or outdoor locations with restricted space and we can also upgrade older systems, while offering the following benefits:

  • Reduced on-site installation cost – thanks to a bespoke unit design which takes conditions and restrictions into consideration during manufacture
  • Controlled Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and load testing
  • Enhanced quality control
  • Reduced health and safety risks during installation, again, thanks to the bespoke design which takes into account site handling requirements during manufacture

Transcool Systems provide Air Handling Units (internal or external) which are built to fit the application. They also contain fans, filters, cooling and heating coils, airflow dampers and sound attenuation.

To find out more, get in touch with a member of our team today.