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Bespoke cooling for research and development projects

Bespoke cooling for research and development projects

The need for bespoke solutions for research and development has recently been demonstrated on a global scale. Scientists around the world have been working on a vaccine to resolve the pandemic and return our lives back to normal. The first solution to arrive required extreme cooling solutions if it was to be successfully delivered to the population. Components within this vaccine were so sensitive that at all points of development and delivery, a specific temperature needed to be maintained.

Transcool Systems can offer similar solutions for research and development projects in multiple sectors. There are many reasons why a research project might require this personalised cooling solution. Here we explore just a few reasons why you might need such a service from our design consultants.

Guaranteed specific temperatures

Research requires conditions to be consistently maintained if the results presented are to be considered valid. Often the consistency of temperature is within an incredibly specific range and this should be maintained even in times of extreme weather conditions or electrical supply problems. Years of research and development could be set back by a sudden change of temperature. Consequently, working with a specialist company who design bespoke solutions allows for these specifications to be met precisely.

The solution may need to be designed to work in extreme conditions but consideration has to be given to how it can be delivered and installed. Getting an off-the-shelf cooling solution to a site and then fitted may be impossible. Therefore, you need the help of a design consultant who can create a specific solution for your needs.

Oddly shaped or compartmentalised spaces

Another reason research and development teams need bespoke solutions is the unconventional size and shape of the laboratory where the cooling is required. It is likely that space will be limited and the cooling system designed to fit. In addition, our design team can ensure noise is kept to a minimum, so as not to become a problem to surrounding areas.

Also, research and development professionals need an inspiring environment to progress high-level concepts. Therefore, while aesthetics might seem to be an insignificant condition, your designer will consider how to design a system that doesn’t dominate the space. For those looking to invite investors into the space to experience developments, the professionalism of your working environment could be vital to the impression given.

In short

There are so many reasons why research and development projects require bespoke projects. From extreme locations and weather conditions to the limited space available for cooling, the challenges will need to be addressed by a skilled cooling design consultant.

Transcool is proud to support ongoing research and development projects. We would be happy to work with you on your bespoke design. Contact us today to learn more about our bespoke cooling systems.