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Why we need TV and radio disaster recovery – public service broadcasting and building in resilience

There are a surprising number of broadcasters who do not know what will happen in the event of a disaster. With the potentials for hurricanes, earthquakes, excessive heat and floods – there are many external factors, or “acts of God”, that could be perceived as beyond the responsibility of the channel owner. Despite the investment […]

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Winter is coming – are you up to date with preventative maintenance?

One of the smartest strategies a company can employ is investing in preventative maintenance for its key systems. Such planning is particularly beneficial in the cold winter months. Whatever systems your company operates (for example, broadcast or communications systems, industry cooling solutions or industrial electrical systems), the scheduling of regular full-system check-ups has many advantages […]

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The Most Popular Uses of On-Site Equipment Containers

Shipping containers are now being used for all kinds of purposes including being sound recording studios, accommodation for the homeless, Christmas tree shops and mobile broadcasting units.  Much more commonly, however, they are used for storage and transportation. Thanks to their bespoke temperature controlled design, Transcool Systems‘ ISO containers can be used to store delicate […]

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