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Choosing the right HVAC and Electrical Engineers for the job

According to the Open University, the UK skills shortage is costing organisations £6.3 billion a year. With increasing salaries, greater training requirements and staff churn, organisations are struggling to maintain a workforce to offer the expected service. Hidden in this equation is the cost to individuals and businesses needing a skilled professional to deliver a […]

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Could containers be the on-site solution you have been looking for?

Are you looking for a spacious, versatile, environmentally controlled, and durable on-site solution to equipment problems? You could find this solution in a bespoke container with a diverse range of applications. An on-site solution Transcool Systems’ ISO container solutions are not only designed to meet your requirement for close temperature control but also product environment […]

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Why Transcool Systems is important in an emergency – quick deployment containerised solutions

Imagine a situation where a national TV or radio broadcaster has lost a region of service due to some catastrophic event and millions of viewers or listeners are left without service. Hardly an emergency, you might say, but many of our national broadcasters carry the important role of public service broadcasting, delivering impartial and trusted […]

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