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Choosing the right HVAC and Electrical Engineers for the job

Choosing the right HVAC and Electrical Engineers for the job

According to the Open University, the UK skills shortage is costing organisations £6.3 billion a year. With increasing salaries, greater training requirements and staff churn, organisations are struggling to maintain a workforce to offer the expected service. Hidden in this equation is the cost to individuals and businesses needing a skilled professional to deliver a high-quality service and products. Without the right employees, the chances are that mistakes will be made and underwhelming results delivered.

At Transcool Systems, we are proud to have maintained a workforce of experienced and skilled Engineers covering the UK and Ireland. Due to our ongoing training programme and excellent working conditions, we have a loyal workforce of talented Engineers serving our customers.

Here we offer a guide for what you should expect from the right HVAC and Electrical Engineer. Everything that we layout here in this guide is what we expect of our team members.

Experienced and well trained industrial Mechanical and Electrical Engineers

In a skills shortage, getting an Engineer with the right qualifications and experience is difficult. It might be that the people sent to work on your HVAC and electrical systems are generic tradespeople asked to adapt to this new environment. Alternatively, it might be someone used to working on small scale systems that is asked to adapt to this more complex context.

When you employ someone to design, install, maintain and service industrial, mechanical, or electrical systems, you need people who are experienced, well trained and have done these many times before. One of the first questions you should ask is what qualifications and experience the Engineers possess to work on your systems.

Mentally fit and proactive

Working on anything at an industrial scale requires a well exercised mind. There will likely be long periods of concentration. We are clear on our expectation that our team maintains the mental agility as well as physicality needed to do a good job every day, all day.

Part of keeping your mind and body in shape is being proactive and working smart. We ask our team to make decisions that help them to deliver the best job. This attitude extends to how they manage the job overall. We expect our Engineers to be capable of working alone and of leading a team of other Engineers. Transcool Systems’ Engineers can map out what needs to be done, organise the resources and call in support if needed.


The capacity to work independently on a job is founded on an astute understanding of HVAC and electrical design. Our Engineers must have enough specialist knowledge of HVAC and electrical systems that they can decode any diagrams presented. Our Engineers can interpret drawings and map this against their observation of the system they are working with.

Finally, due to the level of experience and qualifications they have, our engineers can safely manage the environment they are in. They also have enough common sense and technical knowledge to proactively manage the safety of the site.

Choosing the best

It is not luck that Transcool Systems has a longstanding workforce of experienced Engineers. We invest in our workforce, so they provide the best service for our clients. When we call someone an Engineer, that means a well trained, experienced, competent person with the skill set to deliver the right solution to a high standard. To be sure that you are getting the right Engineers for your job, contact Transcool Systems today.