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Container Requirements for Chemical Storage

Storing chemicals is far more complicated than you might think – different chemicals require different storage conditions to avoid harm to humans, animals and the environment. Legislation from the Health and Safety Executive is very strict about how chemicals are stored and adhering to the different requirements can mean the cost to companies is considerable. Fortunately, bespoke storage solutions exist to keep chemicals safely, securely and inexpensively.

Storage Issues

Bespoke conditions may be key to the safe storage of some chemicals.

  • Radioactive materials – must be stored in metal containers away from where people habitually work
  • Flammable materials – must be stored away from radioactives, in flameproof cabinets or in separate buildings if in quantities over 50 litres
  • Corrosives – must be kept in well ventilated containers. Acids and non-acids need to be kept separately and water-reactive corrosives need special humidity-free ventilated conditions. If they are not kept in well-ventilated areas, they will corrode any metal component close by
  • Biological chemicals such as enzymes – must be kept at temperatures below 5C or they can degrade very quickly

Health and Safety Regulations

In addition to practical considerations, there are a huge number of health and safety regulations that cover this area and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides extensive guidelines on how these can be adhered to. The HSE states that a major cause of accidents with chemicals is “inappropriate storage conditions with respect to the hazards of the substances”.

Varied Problems

There are such extensive regulations concerning chemical storage because chemicals can cause a whole array of problems, ranging from large explosions and fires to health risks due to fume inhalation. Other considerations are the damage to the chemicals themselves if they are not stored correctly. Different temperatures, humidity and contact with other chemicals can all affect chemicals adversely.

The Solution

Fortunately, Transcool Systems makes storage units that are ideal for storing chemicals. Our units are available with different levels of temperature and humidity control, as well as in sizes and shapes. These versatile units are a cost-effective way of mitigating the problems of storing different chemicals in the same location. Call (0)1903 733911 or info@transcoolsystems.co.uk to find out how we can help you.

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