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Control Panels: What Are Your Options?

A control panel can be built to fit an existing system, or a new system can be created with a bespoke control panel as part of the package.  Transcool Systems offers clients both options.

As we mentioned in our last blog posting, which looked at updating control panels, it is generally a much better idea to design a control panel around a system, rather than try to fit a system around an existing panel.

The benefits of building a control panel for a system already in place:

–    The new panel can be made more compact
–    The panel will be digitalised, giving the user greater control and allowing a detailed overview of the system
–    The panel offers the possibility of much higher level telemetry and communication
–    The ability to incorporate a modern digital system such as a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System) or a BMS (Building Management System)
–    There are fewer moving parts, which would eventually have to be replaced, than in a conventional relay system
–    Alongside the new control panel, the motor control system (speed controllers and inverters) will be updated in line with the latest technology, which means smoother operation and improved energy savings

The main advantages of a package incorporating a new system and customised control panel:

–    The client will gain a system that has been specially designed for the plant in its current state – which might include equipment that was not originally in place at the time the old system was designed and installed
–    According to the client’s wishes the plant can be expanded significantly in terms of heat load, telemetry and communication
–    The new system’s fans and equipment would be much more compact and a great deal more efficient (thus cutting energy bills), yet still reliable

The client’s circumstances will influence the final decision.  A control panel for an existing system is the right choice if the client is happy with the system they have, but would like to update it and ensure it is fully aligned with the rest of the ‘plant’ (the facility housing mechanical systems such as industrial cooling).  It is also the cheaper of the two options.

If the client’s plant, building or industrial unit is new, and the priority is up-to-date technology and communication, then the new system package is usually the better option.

Transcool Systems manufactures and installs, among other products, bespoke air handling units and bespoke control panels alongside a range of industrial electrical services. Contact us now to discuss your requirements on 01903 733911 or info@transcoolsystems.co.uk.