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Could containers be the on-site solution you have been looking for?

Could containers be the on-site solution you have been looking for?

Are you looking for a spacious, versatile, environmentally controlled, and durable on-site solution to equipment problems? You could find this solution in a bespoke container with a diverse range of applications.

An on-site solution

Transcool Systems’ ISO container solutions are not only designed to meet your requirement for close temperature control but also product environment and fire protection. As these are bespoke solutions, you can choose the options that best suit your needs. For instance, you may need the container for mechanical systems like pumping sets or electrical systems like generators or pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or sensitive electronics. The Transcool Systems’ ISO container solutions could be designed to keep your equipment in its optimum condition.

While standard containers can be large, you can also request a custom-made static or mobile ISO container. These solutions can be built to suit the size of your site and your needs. Transcool Systems has built equipment cabins, rooftop and roadside enclosures as well as ISO based solutions. There are few limits to the application of the containers, as you could equally use one as a temperature and humidity-controlled manned control centre or an environmentally controlled equipment storage.

Designed to meet your needs

When you approach Transcool Systems with your on-site problem, you can begin by looking to one of our four container solutions.

The ISO Static Container offers a robust temperature-controlled environment. If you opt for this container, the in-house team can design, fit-out, deliver and install it anywhere it is required, from tropical to temperate locations.

ISO mobile containers offer the same functionality as the static container, but it is mounted on a trailer. Again, the in-house team will listen to your requirements and provide the bespoke solution to meet your needs.

Equipment cabins are a lightweight solution, offering a temperature-controlled environment for your equipment. The cabins can come with forced air cooling, air conditioning or a hybrid solution.

Finally, if you need a versatile, compact, temperature-controlled environment, then you can go for a rooftop or roadside enclosure. These units are fully welded constructions for robustness. They come with top-mounted lugs for ease of transportation and a choice of cooling systems.

Guaranteeing reliability

If you are choosing a container unit, you also need to be reassured that these optimum conditions will be maintained. Reliability must be guaranteed. If your unit is housing sensitive equipment, you need durability. For some clients, reliability needs to be assured in extreme conditions, where the environment will put the storage unit to some challenging tests. Transcool Systems’ processes inspire confidence, as all containers are subjected to rigorous Factory Acceptance Testing. The units are tested to their maximum capacity to ensure they withstand more than the environment can deliver.

The image of modular constructions as cold, damp and limited in their usage will be dispelled forever when you choose Transcool Systems’ bespoke ISO explicitly designed to meet your needs. If you need a versatile mobile solution to equipment problems, call Transcool Systems today on 01903 733911 or email info@transcoolsystems.co.uk for more information.