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Crucial Energy Saving Methods For Pharmaceutical Production

Pharmaceutical production may be a multi-million pound industry but that does not mean that it isn’t as vital to keep the costs down here as it is in other businesses.  Similar to other industries, energy costs are a huge consideration and HVAC is one area which can use up a great deal of energy.  Fortunately, this is also an area where, with the right equipment, significant savings can be made.

Keeping old Equipment can be a False Economy

Even the best equipment will become less efficient over time as parts wear out and leaks occur.  Pharma Manufacturing magazine states that, “investing in newer technology frequently pays off”- and this isn’t just due to it being newer.  Technology improves over time and, as energy efficiency increasingly becomes an issue for more and more businesses, HVAC equipment is being designed with this in mind.  Ron Pager, President of Brinco Mechanical Services Inc. also stated that over time, “the cost of maintaining old equipment will exceed the cost of purchasing new”.  Therefore, replacing old HVAC systems with newer ones is always worth the investment.

Take Control of your Energy Usage

Having a bespoke system made for your particular pharmaceutical production facility is an excellent way of ensuring it is as energy efficient as possible.  Pharma Manufacturing magazine suggests that having good controls is essential for keeping down energy usage, enabling the HVAC systems to be powered down in areas and during times when production is not taking place.  Adjustable speed fans are also a good feature for energy saving because if they are not required to be run at full speed, running them at a lower speed will save energy.  Genentech, an American biotechnology corporation, reported saving $23,000 in one year by running these systems more efficiently.

Having a HVAC system tailored to the requirements of the application is the key to saving energy in pharmaceutical production.  Transcool Systems can install new or replace old HVAC systems using highly energy efficient technology created to bespoke specifications.  Call 01903 733911 or email info@transcoolsystems.co.uk today to find out what Transcool Systems can do for you.