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Defying Expectations – Could Containers be the On-Site Equipment Storage Solution You’ve been Looking for?

When you think of containers, you probably wouldn’t think of them as spacious, versatile, environmentally controlled and durable solutions to equipment storage problems. However, thanks to Transcool Systems’ experience and expertise at creating bespoke containers for an incredibly diverse range of applications, that could be about to change.

Temperature Control

Transcool Systems’ ISO containers are not only temperature controlled to the point where the temperature and conditions can be regulated strictly enough to allow for the storage of highly temperature-sensitive products. Because these containers are bespoke, clients can chose from a range of temperature control options to best suit their needs. Fresh air or air conditioning cooling systems are available, in addition to a hybrid system, which can switch between the two to adapt to environmental conditions. This makes them suitable for storing pharmaceuticals, chemicals, sensitive electronics and anything else that needs to be kept at an optimum temperature.


Another presumption about ISO containers is that they are limited in their application. Transcool Systems has also dispelled this notion by creating custom-made static or mobile ISO containers, in addition to equipment cabins and rooftop or roadside enclosures in a huge variety of sizes and for all sorts of purposes. One example is a broadcast company that required mobile units, which could house analogue transmission equipment while the digital switchover was taking place. Transcool Systems designed mobile ISO containers to hold all the equipment needed to broadcast analogue television signal with interface points for mains power supply and a cost effective hybrid cooling system.


Clearly, units housing sensitive broadcasting equipment needed to be durable, especially since they were required to continue broadcasting the analogue signal while the permanent equipment was switched over to digital. Not only was the casing designed to fulfil this purpose, 100% redundancy systems were also used to ensure the reliability of the units the completed systems were then subjected to Factory Acceptance Testing at full power to test the equipment at its maximum capacity.

The image of modular constructions as cold, damp and limited in their usage could be dispelled forever by Transcool Systems’ bespoke ISO containers designed specifically for the client’s needs. So, if you need to store temperature sensitive or delicate products call Transcool Systems today on 01903 733911 or email info@transcoolsystems.co.uk for more information.