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Do You Know What You’ve Got and How It Is Performing?

Do You Know What You’ve Got and How It Is Performing?

Overcoming restrictions, limitations and problems are all part and parcel of ensuring your HVAC units and other onsite engineering systems are working at their optimum levels.

Before this becomes necessary, a proactive approach which prevents and deals with issues before they become costly or more severe, is the very best way to save time, effort and cost, while ensuring maximum efficiency, whatever the industry you’re in.

Yet, preventative maintenance isn’t just about changing filters and touching up paintwork. The only way to ensure your equipment is working at the very best levels of efficiency, is to be fully up to date on exactly what you have and how it is performing.

In order to do this, regular checks and reporting is needed to assess whether onsite equipment is still meeting the needs of the organisation or if improvements can be made.

A full system survey and reporting can generate upgrade options, efficiency savings and superseded parts replacement programmes that will save you money in the longer term.

An inspection report will also include information which will help the building manager to identify energy-saving opportunities, such as the adequacy of equipment maintenance procedures and areas where improvements can be made.

When a whole new bespoke air handling unit isn’t the answer, superseded parts replacement programmes can be identified as an alternative.

Sometimes a manufacturer may discontinue a part and replace its applications with a new part number. These are referred to as superseded parts, which again can contribute to the more efficient running of a system.

In one recent example, survey work carried out by the team at Transcool Systems established that the existing systems were under performing and the controllers were superseded, meaning a failure would have left the client exposed. A redesign, using up to date high efficiency equipment, meant lower running costs, smaller plant and a more maintainable solution.

Overcoming restrictions, limitations and problems onsite are all par for the course in the design, manufacture, maintenance and, in particular, installation of bespoke cooling systems.

Our experienced Design Engineers and Project Managers can carry-out full site measurement and photographic surveys to evaluate your requirements and communicate these to finalised design solutions.

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