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Efficiency in Light Aircraft Hangar Lighting, Heating and Humidity Control

Light aircraft require protection from the elements and maintaining aircraft becomes difficult when they are not kept in the right conditions. The energy costs of heating, cooling, dehumidifying and even lighting a light aircraft hangar can become very costly. Fortunately, solutions exist to maintain light aircraft hangars in a cost effective way.


Having a ‘one size fits all’ lighting system may seem like an economical option but in the long run it will lead to higher energy costs. Opting for bespoke lighting and power installation ensures savings can be made by tailoring the design to the needs of the application. For example, not every section of the hangar needs to be as well lit as others and outside conditions need to be taken into consideration so the system can be powered down on bright days, not just turned on or off.


For any electrical or mechanical device, being subject to extremes of temperatures or even less than ideal temperatures, for long periods of time can have seriously detrimental effects. As with the lighting, a system cleverly tailored to your needs to ensure that it is run as effectively as possible leads to significant savings.

Gama Aviation, an executive air charter company based at Farnborough Airport, saved 48% on their energy bill by circulating the warm air that had travelled up to the highest part of the hanging back down to the lower areas. This is a great example of how innovative systems can save companies serious amounts of money.


Humidity will not only damage a plane in storage through corrosion, it can also make effective maintenance time consuming and costly. Controlling the humidity in workshop areas as well as the main hangar is incredibly important to avoid damage. A system which is easy to control and adjust, as well as one which is custom designed to suit the outside environment, has the ability to focus energy where it is required.

Aircraft are valuable assets and maintaining them correctly is essential. Ensuring that hangars are kept at the right temperature and humidity level makes this much easier. A custom built, energy efficient lighting, heating and humidity control system is the most cost effective way to do this. Our years of experience working with the environment around highly sensitive equipment, whilst maintaining efficiency and reducing costs, means Transcool Systems can develop a solution that is tailor made for your problem.

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