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Electric Cars are Here to Stay – Are you Prepared?

Electric Cars are Here to Stay – Are you Prepared?
With tax breaks, buying incentives and a huge reduction in running costs, investing in an electric car or an electric car fleet for business seems like a great idea. So what is holding people back?

In a word: infrastructure. Lack of charging points or charging points in inconvenient places means people are reluctant to use these vehicles on a regular basis through fear of the battery running flat at an inopportune moment.

An obvious solution, therefore, is to create your own charging point either at home or at your business premises.

As Transcool Systems has a wealth of experience in electrical installations, particularly in awkward or unusual locations, we can install charging points to maximise the benefits of using electric vehicles.

For the Home

One concern people have about electric cars is the time they take to charge. And finding a nearby charging point can be a hassle, especially if there are lots of people trying to use them all at once.

Having your own charging point is the obvious solution. It is cost effective, as well as convenient, because you aren’t paying to use someone else’s charging point.

Despite this, lack of space can deter people from having one installed. It might be that they have an unusual shaped driveway or a garage they don’t use often, which means it isn’t convenient to charge the car in there.

Transcool Systems’ installers are experts in electrical installation solutions that work for the user, while overcoming difficulties standard installers can’t get around.

For Business

Installing charging points at commercial properties has two major advantages: you can charge up your fleet vehicles and benefit from all the cost savings and tax incentives by doing so, but you can also offer this service to customers visiting your premises.


Because electric cars are exempt from vehicle tax, are 50% cheaper to maintain and exempt from the London Congestion Charge, they’re a great choice for businesses.

Employees driving fully electric cars also benefit from a reduced Benefit in Kind tax rate and an increased capital allowance of up to 100%.

Companies looking to go green will also find it easier to do so, as electric cars produce zero emissions and have a much-reduced carbon footprint.


Offering car charging facilities to customers can be a real draw, especially if other charging points in the area are often busy or quite expensive.

Retailers can benefit from the fact that the longer customers linger, the more likely they are to make a purchase and other businesses can charge for the service – thereby adding another revenue stream.

If you like the idea of an electric vehicle charging point in your premises but wonder how it would work with the space you have, speak to us and we will do everything possible to find a solution.

With our experience in installing electrics in challenging circumstances, we can offer car charging point solutions for people and businesses who would love to take advantage of all the savings and environmental benefits of running electric cars, but are concerned they don’t have the right space for charging points.

Our team would be very glad to assess your situation and see if we can come up with a way to install an electric car charging point so you don’t miss out. Contact us online today or call 01903 733911 to see what we can do.