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Energy Efficiency Is Becoming a Top Priority for Government Buildings

Energy use is of extreme importance to local authorities, not least due to the responsibility they have for large numbers of energy-hungry properties.

Councils are required to monitor and report their carbon emissions and, like any large organisation, to comply with the European Union’s climate and energy objectives.  Addressing energy consumption in their own buildings gives forward-thinking councils credibility when it comes to persuading businesses and households to take similar measures in their own properties, as well as sharing expertise and pointing the way to sources of funding.

Some councils have developed Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) to arrange finance for building refurbishment or provide energy-efficient equipment to community and business groups.

Another source of help is the Green Deal, a government-backed initiative, whereby councils administer loans to businesses and homeowners for energy-saving property improvement measures.

HVAC solutions

Their responsibility for planning matters and building control makes councils well-placed to influence the way new business premises are designed.  This includes ensuring optimum and efficient ventilation and cooling.  Transcool Systems’ heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) products offer effective solutions.  Our control panels, designed for the specific system in place, give users a high level of control over the temperature, which can be raised or lowered according to the time of day or the season, making use of advanced communication technology.

Technology and low-energy equipment

Councils are taking advantage of a number of renewable technologies to reduce emissions from their own buildings.  An array of solar panels at Somerset County Council’s County Hall in Taunton, funded via the Department of Trade and Industry, is predicted to save around eight tonnes of CO2 each year.  The council’s stated energy goals include commissioning a regular programme of energy audits and specifying energy efficiency when purchasing plant and equipment or designing buildings.

Cooling IT equipment

For most councils, energy efficiency must extend to their IT systems as data servers with heavy workloads can consume a lot of energy.  As we outlined in our recent blog post on data centres, an EU Code of Conduct is prompting IT managers to look at how they can cool their systems while also reducing the amount of electricity they use.  Transcool Systems offers clients engineering expertise and experience in all forms of mechanical cooling to establish the best most efficient system for your and the global environment.

Where there is a need for an air handling unit (AHU), to direct air to the part of a building or room where it is most needed in an existing council building, our design engineers will carry out a survey, taking into account space restrictions and energy-saving goals, before designing and installing custom AHU equipment.

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