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Equipment Rooms – Containerised Solutions

Early this year, in a blog about cabins, containers and enclosures, we discussed the versatility of the modern shipping container.

Now we are going to take a closer look at what Transcool Systems can offer clients who want a flexible and readily transportable space in which to house whatever technical equipment they need on-site to support a building or facility.


Sometimes clients ask for a temporary room for their equipment.  An ‘adaptable room’ would perhaps be a better description of the set-up that they need and we supply. It is often only temporary, in that it sits for a prearranged, relatively short period of time, in one place. During this time it can house generators, water pumping equipment or other essential support for the main building, while modifications are taking place. It can then be moved to another location after the site works have been completed.

A multi-functional room

A temporary containerised solution can even be a highly versatile, and cost-effective, alternative to the building of an additional permanent structure.   For example, where a facility lacks sufficient space, a container provides extra room for accommodating equipment or industrial cooling, ventilation, pumping or power systems.  The container can be sited on an existing site, on a rooftop or in a remote location.

A container supplied by Transcool Systems will be secure, robust and easily transported on a lorry trailer, HIAB lorry or shipped, as the corner fittings meet ISO standards, which means it is straightforward to mount and fasten onto lorries or to lift by crane.

Pre-testing of the container is carried out at the factory, so very little additional work needs be done once it has been delivered to the site.  We can supply a bespoke trailer for it too.

A bespoke container

Clients can choose from a range of additional services, all of which extend the possibilities of the standard container.  The design of the container – its size, construction and finish – can be matched to the client’s objectives and equipment requirements.  Our containers are generally manufactured from durable steel sheeting or galvanized steel sheet.  We also ensure their insulation is suitable for the prevailing conditions.  As an additional feature, steps with a handrail can be positioned on either side of a supplied trailer if desired.

Similarly, we can customise the design of the electrical services (the external interface, internal distribution and switchgear, lighting, sockets and specialist equipment) and the heating, cooling and other mechanical services.  Beyond this, we can design an appropriate internal equipment layout for the available space and add in security measures.

All the systems outlined above, along with any of the client’s own equipment, can be tested to make sure they are compatible with the container before we carry out the installation.

For help with the design and fit out of a container for your specific needs contact our in-house experts now on 01903 733911 and discuss your options.