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From Digital Switchover to Frequency Relocation

Ofcom, the communications regulator in the UK, has decided to make the 700MHz band available to mobile broadband in response to rapidly growing consumer demand for mobile data.

Current users of the frequencies that make up the 700MHz band include digital terrestrial TV (DTTV) services and wireless communication, which will now need to be moved lower down the spectrum to free up space for the mobile operators.

DTTV – moving to new parts of the spectrum

Private domestic viewers will continue to have access to their free-to-view TV services without the disruption experienced during the 2012 digital switchover’, when the analogue signal was switched off and digital broadcasting took its place across the nation.  Similarly, Ofcom is making efforts to ensure theatres, sports events and other broadcasters in the programme making and special events (PMSE) sector will be able to continue to deliver their services on new frequencies.

For most households, straightforward retuning of TV equipment is all that will be needed for the shift from the 700MHz band.  In a few instances a new roof-top aerial will be needed or a receiver filter to be fitted to block interference from mobile phone signals.

However, many audio PMSE users will need to replace their equipment in order to operate in new frequencies, requiring the services of Radio Frequency (RF) engineers.

Transcool Systems – Where we could support the shift

Engineers from Transcool Systems, highly experienced in the installation of broadcast TV and radio equipment, will be well placed to support the retuning of DTTV services: firstly by supplying containers housing temporary transmitters for use while the main transmitters are undergoing retuning, but also by fitting new transmitters where it has been decided to replace, rather than retune, the existing equipment.

Static containers meeting ISO standards provide a controlled environment for broadcasting equipment.  Transcool Systems also offers trailer-mounted ISO mobile containers.  In both cases, the containers are far from ‘standardised’: we offer a complete, start-to-end service and deliver containers customised to match project requirements.

In a recently completed analogue-to-digital switchover project, we fitted mobile containers onto bespoke trailer units for the transport of TV equipment to transmitter stations across the UK.  These units kept the analogue broadcasting service going while we took out the old system and set up the new digital equipment.

Each container housed a complete analogue transmitting system, including telemetry equipment.  Combined Ventilation and Air conditioning, with an auto changeover facility, ensured fragile equipment was kept safe from extremes of temperature whilst providing practical and economical cooling dependant on the changing environmental conditions.

Our specially designed trailer units allowed the RF Feeder reels and power hook-up cables to be deployed quickly and safely and then wrapped up with ease, ready for transporting.

From simple installations to complex turnkey, high quality, reliable infrastructure, Transcool Systems continues to draw on its broad experience to design and install bespoke solutions for clients.  Contact us today on 01903 733911 or info@transcoolsystems.co.uk to find out what we can do for you.