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From Start to Finish – Why a Complete Service is Invaluable

In an attempt to save money some companies will hire different contractors for different parts of their projects.  However, in doing so they miss out on the benefits of hiring a single contractor to complete the entire project and often end up spending more money in the long run.  Having a single contractor whois multi-skilled and can work with you from the planning stage through to completion provides a wide range of advantages, from having a single point of contact to efficient management of the project to get it finished quickly and within budget.

Overcoming Difficulties

One of the advantages of having a single contractor manage your project from begin to end is that they can identify potential difficulties early on, plan to tackle them from the outset and then work around them throughout the project.  When Transcool Systems took on as part of a Digital Radio Broadcast Installation the design of a bespoke Air Handling Unit for a refurbished radio room in 2013, they knew from the outset, at the site survey stage, that they would have to work with limited space and movement on site, and that there was only one external wall for air supply equipment. Being in charge of the whole project, including broadcast equipment installation, power, lighting and technical services meant Transcool Systems was able to work around these restriction, complete the job in time and within budget.

Multiple Issues

Another advantage is being able to cope when multiple factors are involved.  When Transcool Systems was asked, as part of a larger broadcast installation project, to harmonise two power supplies without any disruption to broadcasting, there were a large number of factors to consider, including safety, geographical complication (two separate buildings), integrating different systems, protecting the cabling from ice and making sure there was no loss of power throughout the operation.  Juggling all these factors was only made possible because the company was in charge of the whole project.

Intricate Knowledge

Additionally, hiring a contractor to manage a project end-to-end allows that company to gain intricate knowledge of your project. When Transcool Systems were given the task of designing, building and delivering to multiple sites mobile containers for broadcast equipment, Transcool Systems had to gain in-depth knowledge of the requirements and potential complications caused by transporting and storing such delicate equipment. This information was gleaned early on and Transcool Systems engineers were able to design and build the ISO mobile units to the exact specifications required.

Aside from all the bonuses listed above, a single contractor arrangement means you can let the contractor get on with the work without you having to monitor it continually.

Transcool Systems has extensive experience of managing projects from the design phase through to completion. Speak to us on + 44 (0)1903 733911 or email info@transcoolsystems.co.uk.