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Getting Air Quality Right with Bespoke Design

Getting Air Quality Right with Bespoke Design

There was always a strong argument for businesses and organisations to seek out bespoke designs for Air Handling Units (AHU). The regulations around air quality, especially in healthcare and public buildings, require specific solutions that off-the-shelf units were ill-equipped to cater for. However, with the advent of COVID-19 and the significant increase in concern about what viruses are being passed in airborne droplets, there are new ventilation requirements for buildings that in the past have relied on natural ventilation.

When Off-The-Shelf worked

Air Handling Units (AHU) provide the airflow for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. In simpler times, when requirements were non-specific, it was relatively simple to find an off-the-shelf unit to install. It is an easy and quick option, even though it was still probably not the most cost-effective solution in the long term. Off-the-shelf worked because it was nothing more than slightly more convenient than natural ventilation.

Why bespoke is best

When you run a GP surgery, a dentist or even a dressing room at a sports venue, you will need a system that meets regulations and protects the wellbeing of those visiting. For public buildings, where there has been a greater reliance on natural ventilation, introducing something to an existing building comes with challenges that are easier to resolve with the assistance of a design engineer.

In many buildings requiring improved air quality, the space the AHU will sit in is small and will need to be explicitly designed for the area available. Bespoke units can come in a variety of layouts, whether it is horizontal, vertical or modular. Also, for those integrating an AHU into an existing system, a bespoke design offers the flexibility for integration with existing control systems.

What you could expect from a design engineer

A design engineer will offer you the peace of mind that you adhere to the new regulations and keep people safe. Never before has the air we breathe become so charged with significance. The design engineer will survey your site and consider restrictions, your requirements, including your energy goals. The designer will then design an AHU that will safely and successfully deliver the specification required.

As the unit designed will be the appropriate size and weight and made explicitly for your building, the overall equipment and installation costs are reduced. A bespoke design is also not restricted to a single type of fan, filter, damper, actuator, or coil. Therefore, the performance can be maximised, making the AHU cost-effective. It will perform much better, and with lower energy needs, so this solution is often the cheaper approach over time.

The best solution to keep us safe

It is easy to understand why the demands placed on HVAC equipment have increased. The idea of recycled air or inadequate ventilation can no longer be tolerated in buildings that welcome the public. Ensuring you have the right equipment is guaranteed with the help of a design engineer who delivers precisely the solution you need.

Transcool Systems provide bespoke air handling units and help you meet all users’ needs in your building. Call the team today to see how we can design your perfect AHU.