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Green Agenda – Change your inefficient ventilation plant to ErP Compliant motors

Green Agenda – Change your inefficient ventilation plant to ErP Compliant motorsThe recent COP26 summit of nations revealed that it is down to individuals to change the state of the environment. International agreements between nations seem impossible with the vested interest in unclean and inefficient approaches. Therefore, as a collective of individuals, we should all feel compelled to make the right choices for the climate, moving forward.

Small changes together can make a significant difference. For instance, it is time to move to ErP Compliant motors for those still running inefficient ventilation plants.

The case for change

The Government released figures that attributed 45% of the energy consumption within the UK to air handling alone. It also noted that heating was the cause of 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. There is also a focus on NOx, due to global recognition of the dangers posed by air pollution. While traffic on the roads is a greater contributor to this global problem, space heating has a significant enough impact on driving change.

The move to ErP compliant design

Ecodesign Regulations, which were published in 2014 and came into force in 2018, are applied to new systems, while existing properties can still run inefficient ventilation plants. The thermal efficiency of these units must achieve at least 67% unless there is a run-around coil, then it demands a 63% efficiency.

Realistically, if the ambitious energy and climate change objectives of the UK and EU are to be achieved, more buildings will need to comply with this Energy-related Product (ErP) Directive. While the UK has now left the EU, it continues its push for improving building efficiency with new regulations particularly aimed at those planning a boiler replacement.

Time to future proof

For building managers, the idea of future-proofing has multiple implications. The way that we deliver ventilation and heating to buildings has ramifications for the future of the planet. Consequently, making the right choice is right for our children and our children’s children.

It is likely that complying with energy related products and displaying the CE or UKCA mark is only the start of the requirements of the Government looking to meet demanding targets. However, future-proofing has the dual implication of protecting businesses from the changing landscape of legislation. Therefore, it is worth exploring the work of manufacturers producing affordable, future-proofed solutions that are ErP compliant and continue to work for ever greater efficiencies.

More than just the green agenda

While the green agenda should be enough for each of us to act, the rising energy costs are another reason to move to ErP compliant motors. As well as installing these in new build or refurbishment projects, managers should be looking to replace aging and inefficient equipment to cut their costs. There are opportunities for reducing NOx emissions and reducing demands on limited resources, but there is also a chance to make massive energy savings with one simple choice.

If you would like to learn more about ErP compliant ventilation, contact Transcool Systems today. One of our team is on hand to explore any changes to your building.