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Having a ‘wuff’ January?

Having a ‘wuff’ January?

It is January. It is cold. The days are short, the nights are long. We spend most of our time wondering if it is acceptable to go to bed yet, and we have only been up for half an hour. Then comes Blue Monday, that day in January when we are meant to feel the most depressed. Boy, it can be “wuff!”

You sense a dog theme. Well, we are people who love a solution. We have two in our Transcool Systems offices. Two dogs that is, Otis (Labradoodle) and Parsley (Labrador), who visit us and help us beat the stress. There is no better way to manage low mood – trust us – they bring a smile to our faces each time they walk through the door.

Dogs in the sea

We thought we would help by providing a series of debate points to raise with your boss, as you now know you want to ask him to bring your pug, or spaniel, or Siberian husky or your mixed-up mutt to work.

Plus Point One: Reduced Stress

First, dogs are a powerful way of overcoming negative emotions and conflicts. It is difficult to continue an argument with someone when the gorgeous eyes of a black Labrador are looking at you lovingly. They improve our mental health because they provide emotional support.

Your boss can be your hero. She or he is making it possible for you to have a dog in your home, as you can bring it to work and not leave it alone. This makes you a much more stable and loyal worker! And, you feel even more grateful because you don’t have to spend your much-valued paycheck on a dog sitter, which means you would want to bring even more value to the office.

Plus Point Two: Improved health

Second, you will be more resilient against bugs and sniffles because you will be healthier. A study by The Telegraph showed that dog owners walk 79% further than non-dog owners, and walking is exercise as well as a wonderful mindful activity. This will make you more productive – especially if you have to trot around the block in your coffee break rather than slouched by the drinks machine with a frown.

Then, you can tell your boss that a medical study proved that patting and stroking a dog reduces blood pressure and positively changes your physiological state – and that of your co-workers. It apparently also helps manage cholesterol level – improving the heart health of the whole staff.

Plus Point Three: Seen as a visionary

Finally, and most powerfully, you can coax your boss by pointing out all the most visionary and most financially successful companies in the world have a Dogs at Work policy. Amazon, Google, Ben and Jerry’s, Purina, to name but a few, all allow their staff to bring a pooch to work. The Blue Cross did a survey and found that 90% of businesses that allowed dogs at work felt a positive change in the working environment; 56% said it reduced absenteeism and 67% said it improved staff morale!

Maintenance and not repair

It makes sense to bring a dog to work, the same way it is a good idea to invest in year-on-year maintenance of our cooling systems. Imagine you buy a cooling system and just leave it to work.

You give it no care and no thought until the day it breaks, maybe years later but still you are inconvenienced, and you are unproductive until it is repaired. Some careful maintenance of your system helps you avoid this.

The same is true with humans. Bring a dog to work and reduce your stress, improve your physical health and get on better with your colleagues: such a great way to avoid those workplace breakdowns.

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