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Hayfever season is coming – take a fresh look at your filtration

Hayfever season is coming – take a fresh look at your filtration
Do you have itchy, runny eyes? Are you sneezing more than usual? Is your asthma beginning to flare up? This is not an advert for your favourite brand of antihistamine. The problem could be eased with the right air filtration system, and more importantly, making sure it is maintained.

Maintain now

The dust and pollen that returns after a damp winter can be hell. April is the month of grass and tree blossom pollen. Birch is a particularly powerful cause of hay fever symptoms and April is the month it displays its blossom. May and beyond is a time of high pollen from a whole range of beautiful gardens and wild meadows. This makes it essential to make sure your air filtration is ready now for the challenges to come.

The wet months from November to January could have caused multiple problems with your air filtration. First, there is the potential for wet leaves turning to mulch and blocking the filters. Wind storms carry dirt and debris into the filters, and now they need to be cleaned or replaced. This maintenance is the only sure way of making sure you are pollen and dust free over the coming summer.

Install now

We sometimes treat pollen allergies as a small annoyance. However, the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) is keen to warn employers and individuals of the more severe consequences of hayfever. They are eager to point out that the allergy is “underestimated”. The effects include poor sleep, which leaves people exhausted. In turn this means they cannot work to their full capacity. Remember too that antihistamine medications are renowned for making people drowsy.

It is thought that approximately one in five employees could be suffering the consequences of this allergy. This would sorely test the productivity and efficiency of any organisation.

ECARF state: “The most important measure in treating an allergy is to avoid the allergen.”

Therefore, the return on investment from installing a sound air filtration system is clear. Giving employees a place where they know the worst of their symptoms are relieved could help them to be the best worker for your organisation.

In short

There are obvious benefits of having an air filtration system in your workplace, and maybe even in your home. You can reduce the impact of asthma; lessen the smell and debris left by pets; control other odours that might build up, such as cigarette smoke; prevent germs and bacteria polluting the air, and many more.

For people with hayfever, the air filtration system could be the simplest means of avoiding the allergen, with avoidance the best means of preventing the condition and ensuring a contented and productive individual.

Hayfever can be so debilitating that some who suffer can even crave a wet summer to dampen down the effects. Yet, it is possible to both enjoy the sunshine and breathe the air, with installation and maintenance of the right filtration system.

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