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Heating, cooling and ventilation: heat exchangers, filtration and controls

Project managers interested in heat exchangers, used in heat transfer and heat recovery systems, have a variety of solutions to choose from.

Especially recommended are finned tubes and of these, the Plate Fin type uses plates and finned chambers to transfer heat from one liquid (or gas) to another.  They are generally manufactured to a higher specification than conventional heat exchangers, but any initial extra cost is outweighed by the cost saving produced by the added heat transfer.  Typical applications include natural gas liquefaction and the production of synthesis gas.

Spiral Wound is another finned tube variant.  The finned-tubed coils tend to be more compact than bare coils, yet they still retain their performance.

Transcool Systems supplies the SG-1, SG-A and SG-C types.  The SG-1 has a mechanical bond between fin and tube, with the tight fit helping to ensure the best possible fin efficiency and thermal rating.  The fin is wound into a groove in the core tube which is then bent back to form the bond, with no welding needed.  With the SG-A, the finned tube is knurled – that is, it has a series of ridges – and bonds securely with the compressed edge of the wound strip.  The material used for the fins will depend on the client’s needs – typically copper, but also aluminium, they are a sound option for harsh environments.  The SG-C, popular for both domestic and commercial space heating, can be supplied with plain ends suitable for welding.

Among Transcool Systems other industrial cooling and air filtration products are filtration systems, which can be adapted for particular situations. For example, for use in wet and foggy coastal or offshore marine environments, where salt particles contribute to corrosion and an efficient filter system is needed to clean the air, a coalescing filter gathers the salt laden water particles together to form larger droplets, which can then be gravitationally removed.

Industrial process filtration is specifically designed to deal with harsh environmental conditions, for example welding fumes, paint spray booths, explosive dust, oil fogs and fat fumes.

Contact Transcool Systems with your specific filtration requirements and we can provide you with the best solution.

Transcool Systems also supplies Cooling Plant Control Panels  – again, the client can specify their requirements including standard UK or International standard power supplies.  A bespoke Control Panel will reduce site wiring and installation times and are fully Factory Acceptance Tested before dispatch or installation.

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