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How is the Cloud Helping Our New TV Viewing Experience?

The TV viewing experience has changed dramatically in a short space of time.

Today viewers have the power to choose what they want to watch and when they want to watch it, thanks to over-the-top TV (OTTTV) or Internet Protocol television (IPTV) – watching videos on-demand through a laptop, phone, tablet or smart TV. The traditional TV broadcasting model has all but vanished, to be replaced with a personalised viewing experience where the viewer is in control.

In order to meet the increased demand on broadcasters alternative cloud-based solutions are being introduced – reducing operating costs and simplifying media processes.

The relationship between the Cloud and broadcast TV was one of the hottest topics at this year’s International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), an annual event bringing together professionals from across the broadcasting industry to discuss the latest trends and problems.

In a round table discussion, which saw key personnel from ITV and Sky discussing the cloud and broadcast TV, both parties revealed that they wouldn’t be able to meet their customers’ demands without the cloud – Sky Go, Sky’s online on-demand service, currently has 5.5 million users.

And when it comes to multi-platform viewing, the cloud plays an integral role in delivery appropriate content to the device being used by the viewer in a cost-effective way.

With viewers now able to catch up on their favourite shows whenever and wherever they want demand cycles have become unpredictable. Traditional hardware systems are unable to meet distribution demands, but the cloud can stretch its capacity immediately – meaning increasing demand doesn’t have to be a problem.