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Is your centralised plant performing as it should?

Is your centralised plant performing as it should?

We all know that, as times move on, industrial processes – and of course modern technologies in general – are constantly evolving and improving to offer greater efficiency, cost effectiveness and productivity.

As such, equipment that was once suitable for your business’ needs, may no longer be appropriate for the size and dynamics of your organisation today. So, ultimately things have to change and improvements must be made.

The same applies to mechanical and electrical engineering solutions. Unless your building is brand new, chances are that, when the building was originally designed, the plant was installed to meet the original usage….but now that building might be being used completely differently, which means you can no longer get the very best performance from your centralised plant.

Is your centralised plant performance struggling?

Because of the changing needs of your business, problems that can arise with an ancient centralised plant include the following:

  • An over-sized and inefficient plant.
  • A design from years ago that did not consider maintenance and servicing difficulties.
  • Many old systems will contain discontinued or non-compliant equipment that cannot be easily replaced, like for like.
  • With building change of use, the original systems cannot easily be adapted to the new requirements without expert assistance.

As a result of these issues, your centralised plant might not be performing as it should. So, to meet this new demand, what should you do next to improve your HVAC industrial cooling solutions and electrical services?

A technical solution designed for you

A productive first step is to find a company that can come and survey your building, propose, cost, build, implement, test and commission the right solution for your systems.

At Transcool Systems, we can provide all of these services in one go. That’s because our team specialises in providing bespoke mechanical and electrical solutions for a wide range of unique problems, by overcoming individual onsite restrictions and limitations to achieve our goals.

And there’s no need to worry about soaring cost of a new system making a massive dent in your budget. Because it’s not always a necessary step.

The bespoke nature of our designs means we can work with the existing HVAC system where possible, without throwing the baby out with the bath water.

So, you can rest assured that your system will receive the necessary upgrades to allow it to do the job that it’s needed for now (and not 10/20/30 years ago), without much upheaval at all.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of a bespoke, cost-effective HVAC system for your business, with an end to end service offering which removes the need for several providers, contact us today to learn more.