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Is your HVAC System Going to be Working Overtime this Summer?

Even in our notoriously damp and temperate British summers, HVAC systems can be stretched to the limit keeping everything the right temperature and filtering out humidity. The consequences of having an inefficient system are not just staggeringly high energy bills but potential problems with equipment, products and staff. In large commercial operations, particularly those working with delicate components or chemicals, this can cause huge risks and damage. Fortunately, an efficient, bespoke HVAC system can minimise these risks, keep delicate equipment safe and staff comfortable.


Industrial operations know that in the summer they are more vulnerable to problems such as:

• Heat damage – delicate equipment can be damaged when heat causes metal to expand. Chemicals can also be damaged or degraded if exposed to too much variation in temperature.
• Exposure to humidity – electrical equipment is particularly vulnerable to damage from humidity and British summers rarely lack moisture.
• Uncomfortable employees – when people become too warm, they can become sluggish and lose concentration.
• Dust ingress – due to more doors and windows being left open during warm weather, dust and other particles can be introduced into areas where they can do harm.
• Increased Health and Safety issues – heat and humidity can damage electrical equipment and increase the risk of faults and even fires.


Running an HVAC system which is not bespoke to the operation in the summer can become very costly for a number of reasons:

Energy costs
This is the obvious problem as, in some industries, HVAC can account for the majority of a company’s energy costs. If the system is running inefficiently due to being over used in areas where it isn’t needed, being difficult to adjust so running too high or simply using old and inefficient technology then money is being thrown away.

The Problems Listed Above
Correcting the problems caused by HVAC systems not working properly can, clearly, be very expensive.

Maintaining an HVAC system correctly is essential to keeping it running efficiently but older systems require so much maintenance that replacing them works out cheaper.

The Solution

It’s obvious a newer HVAC system will run more efficiently and cope better in the summer months than an older one. However, a custom made HVAC system tailored exactly to suit the operation will perform significantly better. Transcool Systems create HVAC units that don’t waste energy where it not required, are very easy to control so never have to run at higher levels than is required and use the correct air handling units in the correct places to keep employees comfortable, keep equipment and chemicals safe from heat and humidity and clear the air of harmful particles. Speak to us on + 44 (0)1903 733911 or email info@transcoolsystems.co.uk about our bespoke HVAC solutions.