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Just How Much Money Can Businesses Save From Updating Their HVAC?

Thanks to the 2012 Energy Efficiency Regulations, it is now the law, in the UK, for the government to save 163.6 Gigawatt hours in energy by 2020.  This is good news for business as saving energy saves money, something which computing giant IBM showed when it saved a massive $43 million in 2011 alone using energy efficiency techniques. The US Department of Energy speculated that if commercial and industrial buildings could improve their energy efficiency by just 10%, the collective saving would be in the region of $40 billion a year. HVAC in all kinds of businesses, from office-based firms to large factories, is a major expense but thankfully there are ways to save money and energy.


The Carbon Trust’s website states that, “Heating and hot water can account for 60% of your total energy use”.  They also point out that, “Ventilation accounts for around 30% of heat loss in most commercial buildings (an estimated 25% in industrial buildings).”  Therefore, having a tight control over these factors could mean a substantial saving.  Modern HVAC systems come with a far greater degree of control to enable businesses to closely monitor where heating and ventilation is most needed and where it is being wasted.  Custom-designed HVAC systems can ensure that energy is expended only where and when it is necessary, to keep energy costs as low as possible.

Air Conditioning

“Air conditioning can increase a building’s energy consumption and associated carbon emissions by up to 100%,” states the Carbon Trust.  Clearly, this represents a large proportion of a company’s energy costs.  Modern developments, such as variable speed drives, can minimise this cost by adjusting the level of energy expended at different times and in different locations as appropriate.  In some industries, heating and air conditioning systems can even end up working against each other due to the needs of different areas of the business.  This is one of the reasons an HVAC system designed especially for your operation can be so cost effective.



According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), over 30% of the energy used to power HVAC in the average commercial building is lost to waste.  Having a modern ultra-efficient HVAC system designed specifically for your operation could reduce this waste

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