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LV Power Installations For Rail

Every part of the modern railway system relies on a power supply: signalling equipment, point machines, relays and level crossings.  The most practical, cost-effective and controllable method of distributing power is via a dedicated low voltage (LV) power distribution network.

In the UK, the LV power distribution system for Network Rail, which owns most of the country’s rail infrastructure, is among the largest of any non-utility company.

In the past, signalling wiring was an in-house responsibility, but as safety became paramount, the work was transferred to electrical engineers who ensure compliance with externally imposed electrical safety standards.

For new installations, the old two-core wiring was phased out and replaced by three-core armoured cable (the cable is armoured to protect it from rodents and maintenance workers’ shovels). However, when installing three-core cable, measures must be taken to prevent an earth fault spreading across a system, cutting off power to equipment and turning the signals black.

Reducing signal failures and the delays they cause is a major focus for the rail industry and so uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), which take over when a power supply is cut, are now being rolled out across the country as part of ongoing re-signalling projects (having been initially installed on the West Coast Mainline).  Elsewhere, new cables are replacing ageing ones.

As experts in the installation of LV power systems, Transcool Systems provides the full range of installations to meet current UK standards.

We offer a turnkey service covering all stages of the installation process – from the initial fix to the commissioning and testing.

We also supply static and mobile containers for technical trackside equipment.

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