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NATS: keeping the skies safe

NATS: keeping the skies safe

As the leading provider of air traffic control services, NATS is responsible for 2.4 million flights and over 250 million passengers each year. NATS was formally known as National Air Traffic Services and is the main air navigation service for the UK. Although the key to its success is its work in 14 UK airports, managing all upper airspace in the UK, it is also responsible for services in the Middle East, North America, Europe and Asia.

This is a phenomenal responsibility. The level of vigilance of our skies to keep us safe as we fly should never be challenged. Imagine the essential role NATS plays in the continued prosperity of the UK and the freedoms that we enjoy to travel the world. Business travel continues uninterrupted and holidays are taken safely. The company offers that vital blanket of safety over the skies that we take for granted.

NATS struggle most with the impact of pirate radio enthusiasts. Much like the pirates of the sea who take the goods from other ocean-bound vessels, pirate radio can steal the frequencies required by air traffic control operatives. You can imagine how important it is for an aviation company to ensure uninterrupted conversation with the pilots of planes. If suddenly the frequency they use is overtaken by a song from Ed Sheeran or a news broadcast, it could cause significant danger for all involved. Therefore, making sure NATS has the capacity to monitor the frequencies and prevent interruptions is central to successful working practices.

Although pirate radio is a significant problem for the airwaves, it is not the only technology that has been known to interfere with frequencies. Baby monitors, webcams, TV amplifiers and industrial microwaves all have the potential to cause an additional burden of work on controllers and pilots. There are emergency procedures in place that these professionals can employ, should the airwaves be interrupted. However, it is with the work of engineers listening for potential sources of interference that relieve the burden of work and pressure on aviation specialists.

NATS works together with its partners to keep the equipment working and so ensuring safe air travel. Managing the air space above the UK is complex, and made easier and more effective with continual vigilance when monitoring frequencies that could be interrupted by the interference of modern technological advancements.

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