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Why you need high efficiency speed control

Why you need high efficiency speed control

The reduction of a building’s energy consumption can lead to huge cost savings, as well as lowering the negative impact it has on the environment.

But when business owners focus on saving energy they might look to the overuse of electricity, for example in lighting, while certain energy guzzling equipment can often be ignored.

What many industry bosses may be unaware of is that fans in heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems (HVAC) are a major contributor to the amount of energy a building uses.

So what can be done to existing HVAC equipment to improve efficiency and performance?

Converting to high efficiency fans and fan upgrade projects provides a huge opportunity to significantly reduce energy consumption.

And, while most modern HVAC system designs come with intelligent speed control, in older systems, the same does not apply.

Energy efficiency upgrades in HVAC systems can involve updates to control strategies or the installation of variable speed drives to existing motors.

A fixed speed ON/OFF fan control is now considered to be inefficient and costly. But when you switch to high efficiency speed control, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Saving money
  • Power savings by reducing air flow to minimum requirements
  • Increase life time of the equipment due to the reduced demand
  • Reduced noise from reduced airflow
  • Easy maintenance of correct temperature at all times due to more accurate controls
  • Happier, more comfortable workforce – thanks to reduced noise and more efficient temperature control
  • Products kept at correct temperatures (reassurance for customers)
  • Reduction in Switchgear
  • Less wear and tear on Plant and Switchgear

Speed control and therefore air volume control should be implemented wherever possible in order to gain the above benefits.

And changing to intelligent speed control is not as expensive as you might think. Bespoke modern systems can also be designed to suit specific applications and are easy to maintain.

When looking to improve workplace productivity and save on cost, upgrading to high efficiency speed control can offer the answer.

To find out what a bespoke energy efficient HVAC system and high efficiency speed control could do for your business, get in touch with our team – call + 44 (0)1903 733911 or email info@transcoolsystems.co.uk.