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Pathogen Reduction Systems for Ventilation Systems

Pathogen Reduction Systems for Ventilation Systems

With people heading back into the world, whether to work or socialise, the air we breathe has become a conscious focus for many. Airborne Pathogens circulating within our buildings will become a greater concern as the colder days arrive and we close the windows and doors. We will rely on HVAC systems to appropriately condition the air and keep us safe.

Commonly an HVAC system will recirculate the air six to eight times an hour, making the Pathogen Reduction System an essential component in making this recirculation of air safer and combating the increasingly challenging viruses.

While COVID-19 has made our concerns about micro viruses more urgent, air quality has been considered by many businesses for years. Here we explore how this Pathogen Reduction System is an important component and likely to become the standard for modern building development.

What is a Pathogen Reduction System?

The Pathogen Reduction System (PRS) is a patent-pending technology from a British company. The company’s research and development of the product has led to the claim that the addition of a PRS unit within an HVAC system can “inactivate 99.99% of dangerous airborne pathogens, which include COVID-19, MRSA, measles, TB and the common flu virus.”

The PRS light chamber is installed into the ducting of the ventilation system, typically in a section just after the AHU. The light chamber irradiates UVC from a series of lamps inset within the chamber and air passing through from the AHU is treated before it continues on into the populated areas of the building. The chamber is highly reflective, and so the photons generated shoot out in a 360-degree area, maximising the dose and ensuring the pathogens are inactivated in a single pass, regardless of air volume and velocity.

The germicidal benefits of UVC light have long been known. The ability of sunlight to ‘kill’ bacteria was identified in Victorian times and over time artificially generated UVC has been used in a variety of applications including water treatment and operating theatres (when not in use).

The critical issue that PRS overcomes that its competitors are unable to, is that of ‘dwell’ time, or more specifically in the case of micro-viruses, the lack of it. We know, from a Boston University study, how long it takes to inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The strength of PRS is that their scientific team, led by one of the world’s leading light-scientists, has identified a method of generating enough UVC light to ‘kill’ airborne pathogens in less than 0.5 of a second, even when traveling at high speed.

While UVC has long been used to remove pathogens from surfaces and water, the Pathogen Reduction System has the ability to successfully treat fast-moving air in ventilation systems in real time, significantly reducing the chances of viral transmission and improving overall air quality.

Why will it work?

Not only is the UVC technology proven in its capacity to control viral transmission within buildings, but the Pathogen Reduction System can be installed without the need for major overhaul. Reducing pathogens in the air of commercial buildings doesn’t require a complete overhaul of HVAC systems. Instead, the UVC lighting rods in a PRS assembly can be installed into a current ventilation system, replacing a suitable ducting section.

Each unit is made to measure and has the appropriate intensity of light to kill the viruses in real time. The intensity of light is calculated based on the volume and velocity of the air passing through the system. In short, the systems are bespoke, manufactured and retrofitted to the needs of the operational space.

Industry Feedback

The team behind PRS have been introducing their system to property professionals throughout London, explaining how they are more effective than other air cleaning solutions that involve HEPA filters or Ionization. Their performance claims are backed up by industry leaders that have studied the system in detail:

“PRS have literally blown my socks off with their clean air system. I’ve never before been introduced to a technology with such competent detail, this isn’t your standard UV box!”
Nathan Wood: MD of Farmwood LTD & BESA wellbeing in Building Chairman

If you would like to learn more about Pathogen Reduction Systems and HVAC installation and modification, contact Transcool Systems today.