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Remote and reliable: the many uses of telemetry

Telemetry is the process of using a receiving device to monitor equipment remotely.  Proactive monitoring allows an operator to spot potential problems and take action to minimise the chance of a prolonged downtime.

These days telemetry is usually understood to refer to the transfer of data using wireless technologies, such as short-range infrared signals or long-range GPS tracking.

A typical telemetry set-up involves a sensor, transmission path and a device to record data.

Common telemetry applications include:

Telecommunications equipment: a telemetry system protects switches, routers and fibre optic lines.

Building security: for monitoring fire alarms and motion sensors in isolated sites, which are vulnerable to damage by intruders.

Power installations: in particular for monitoring the back-up power source, as a failure here is even more serious than a mains outage.

Environmental conditions in server rooms:  changes in temperature, humidity or air flow can seriously affect the functioning of equipment.  Alerting those responsible to any changes allows adjustments to be made to, for example, a cooling system before any service breakdown occurs.

Transcool Systems supplies a range of services which support telemetry systems, including the design and installation of network cabling and alarm monitoring cabling.

Of course, a business will often have a very particular situation requiring a bespoke solution – whether it is telephony or Radio Frequency (RF) monitoring, the team at Transcool Systems has experience in designing and installing reliable systems.

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