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Space Saving Storage Solutions for the Cost Limited Micro Brewer

Space Saving Storage Solutions for the Cost Limited Micro Brewer
With the might of the mega-brewery an ever-looming threat, the microbrewer must keep costs down to ensure returns are high. One significant challenge is storage. How can you find the space to store your product, keep it safe, while working in a constrained space?

If you have ever watched home design programmes on Channel 4, you will know that shipping containers have become something of a force in architectural circles.

Rather than trying to be uber-cool and set up a night-club or urban shipyard café, you could use the shipping container as your space saving solution for storing your craft beers and more.

The rules for storing beer

There are three essential rules when storing beer. First, it should be kept in a constant cool environment. The best temperature depends on the beers stored but from 10°C to 16°C is the range. The ability to easily control the space to a set temperature depending on the beer stored will be a useful tool.

Second, it should be kept in the dark space. If you store your beer in light, whether this is fluorescent light or natural light, it can make the beer sour.

Finally, beer should be stored upright – not on its side like wine. As you know, you need to limit the surface of the beer touching air. If laid on its side the air trapped in the bottle will hit a larger proportion of beer.

So, the problem for a microbrewer is to find a large, cold, dark space, with enough room for upright storage of the entire stock as it ages to perfect condition. Sounds expensive, right?

The beauty of a shipping container

Shipping containers are steel and iron structures that are designed originally for the safe movement of goods that need a controlled temperature or require handling with care.

This makes the shipping container particularly hardwearing. They are built to internationally recognised safety standards to withstand brutal environments. No shipping agent can risk damage to the goods inside, so the outside can withstand extremes that far exceed the needs of brewers!

The shipping container offers a cold, dark and roomy space – also known as the perfect storage conditions for your beer.

The micro brewer’s space saving solution

You can decide to recycle an old shipping container and have it retrofitted with the necessary insulation, cooling and electrics for your use. Placing such a shipping container should be simple on your site, and they are usually accessible to those with a modest budget.

Alternatively, you could order a completely new and bespoke shipping container, which entirely fits your application. This could be your permanent solution to your storage needs as a microbrewery; therefore, you could invest in the complete equipment room.

This shipping container comes insulated and complete with power, lighting, air-conditioning and equipment racks if required. All this will be contained with a transportable structure that can be moved as your craft beer business grows.

A shipping container offers you flexibility, a robust structure, with fully insulated and temperature-controlled space, which is cost-effective and long-lasting.

There is no way a microbrewer can hope to have the sort of facilities of the larger breweries. Building permanent structures to store your beer is a massive investment and one that would take many years to offer a return.

On the other hand, a shipping container can be permanent or temporary and accessible to even the most cash-strapped microbrewer.

Discuss your space saving solution

For a robust temperature controlled environment for your equipment; our in-house teams can design, fit out, deliver and install fully kitted out Static ISO Containers to meet your requirements from temperate to tropical locations.

In addition to the static models, for equipment on the move we can offer a mobile environment. These bespoke solutions can be designed for either temperate or tropical locations too.

If you have any questions about our products or services, why not find out more? Contact us today, or phone us on +44 (0)1903 733911.