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The benefits of bespoke cooling systems

The benefits of bespoke cooling systems

With hot summer weather finally making an appearance, it is essential to consider the suitability and efficiency of your cooling systems.

You may be reluctant to undertake work because of potential restrictions, limitations in space and problems integrating the system into your site. This is where it is essential to think outside the box, choosing a bespoke system that can not only be more efficient than off-the-shelf cooling systems, but cheaper too.

The challenges you might face

There are many reasons why you might need a bespoke cooling system. You may have a sensitive product that requires specific temperatures guaranteed. It could be that your commercial or industrial space is oddly shaped, compartmentalised or an unconventional size – particularly if space is limited.

The challenge you face might be one of aesthetics. A bespoke system could allow you the flexibility to work with a designer to ensure your workspace is cool but also a desirable location for customers and professionals.

A bespoke cooling systems case study

Installing a bespoke cooling system is best exemplified by a project we undertook with a major UK client. The space they offered for the cooling system was confined – within an old radio room – and was sited on top of a hill.

The confined space was a challenge for the size of the equipment, the movement of workers, and the placement of cables. There were lots of complexities, other than space. There was only one external wall for supply air equipment, for instance. And, there were existing cables and a vertically fixed access ladder that we had to avoid.

The only option was a bespoke air handling unit with a new ventilation system.

The unit designed was modular. Each component was shipped separately, and our engineers fitted the system on site. Due to the location and the adverse weather conditions, the materials used needed to be lighter than usual for ease of manual handling.

Much consideration about ease of installation was considered in the engineering of the air handling unit. Everything had to be in place and weatherproof within a day, so it was simpler to construct in situ.

You can have it all

With an off-the-shelf option, our client would never have got the unit and the engineers up a hill, never mind fit the sophisticated units into the space provided. Therefore, the only option they had was to seek a bespoke solution, and we were happy to help.

There are all sorts of reasons you may need our bespoke solutions. It may be a challenging location, such as a hilltop with extreme weather conditions. It may be a small space with limited access to an outside wall. There may be existing cables and pipes that make it impossible to fit a pre-designed system. With a bespoke cooling system, there are very few challenges that cannot realistically be addressed.

Our major UK client commented on Transcool Systems’ efficiency and professionalism, saying: “Transcool Systems understood our needs and provided a bespoke solution to our problem. They were extremely professional and efficient and I would highly recommend their services.”

We would be happy to work with you on a bespoke design for your unique challenges. Contact us today to learn more about our bespoke cooling systems.