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The Benefits of Energy Efficient HVAC Systems for Commercial Buildings

HVAC systems are vital to operations in commercial buildings. With modern equipment, health and safety regulations and employee rights, they are essential for all types of business from office based work to factories. However, they can be very costly. The Carbon Trust have collated the following data to show just how expensive HVAC can be in commercial properties:

• Heating can account for 60% of a company’s energy usage
• Ventilation causes around 30% of heat loss in most commercial buildings (25% in industrial buildings)
• Installing air conditioning can increase a building’s energy consumption by 100%
Fortunately, installing a custom made energy efficient HVAC system can minimise these costs and maximise the benefits.

Areas Where Energy Savings can be Made


For commercial buildings with large spaces and high ceilings, efficient heating is essential for maintaining optimum operating temperatures for equipment and comfortable working conditions for staff. Upgrading the HVAC to a new energy efficient system can save energy, and thus, money, by using the latest energy saving technology and ensuring that energy isn’t expended unnecessarily. A custom made HVAC system is very easily controlled so it can heat different areas differently and at different times. For example, areas where people are engaging in manual labour will require less heating than those where people are doing sedentary work and areas with large mechanical equipment or computer servers will likely require cooling rather than heating.


Good ventilation can prevent condensation and damp which is deadly to electrical equipment and unhealthy for staff. It is also extremely important in industries that produce dust, smoke and dangerous fumes. However, as stated above, it can be a major cause of heat loss. That is why bespoke modern system is essential to provide ventilation where is needed and minimise heat loss by making sure the right method of ventilation is used for the correct application.
Air Conditioning

With so much modern equipment using computer components that have to be kept cool while giving off heat, air conditioning has become more important and more expensive than ever. Fortunately, modern technology and clever efficiency strategies can minimise costs by using systems which are very controllable, can be designed to suit specific applications and be easy to maintain. Controllability is particularly important in the British summer months when the weather can change quickly which can cause energy to be wasted on unnecessary air conditioning.

Energy efficient HVAC can not only ensure that the high standards of HVAC required by commercial operations are maintained it can also create substantial energy cost savings and help businesses conform to the European Union’s Energy Efficiency Directive. To find out what a bespoke energy efficient HVAC system could do for your business, call + 44 (0)1903 733911 or email info@transcoolsystems.co.uk.

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