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The Importance of Anti-Vandal Chemical Container Storage

The requirement for some chemicals to be stored in outdoor conditions but separate from buildings where people work, often makes the container units used vulnerable to vandalism and theft. The consequences of such incidents can range in severity from loss of the chemicals themselves to catastrophic industrial accidents.

Here we assess the key risks posed by vandalism and theft:


The World Health Organisation defines a chemical accident as, “an unexpected uncontrolled release of a chemical from its containment.” The Office of Response and Restoration in the USA lists vandalism as a major cause of chemical spills. Accidents involving released chemicals pose a number of risks, including the risk of explosion through released chemicals reacting with other elements or being set alight by sparks. Some chemicals can react with water or even air in a violent enough way to cause major damage to structures and serious harm to people.

Damage to Wildlife

Chemicals released into the environment can pose threats to both animal and plant life. Toxic chemicals can be particularly dangerous if they enter water supplies as they may not only kill any creatures living in the water, but can also be harmful to animals which drink from it, and even to nearby plants. Chemicals can enter the food chain through these plants and animals and could eventually end up being consumed by humans.

Fumes and Corrosion

Chemicals can also cause damage to property. Corrosive substances can eat into all kinds of materials and even their fumes can rust metal. These fumes can also be harmful if inhaled Corrosive chemicals are not the only substances which require ventilation. Others, such as biological agents, require consistent temperature control.

The dangers posed by chemicals that are released into the environment due vandalism and theft make it absolutely essential that the containers in which they are stored are secure, properly ventilated and termperature-controlled.

The key to preventing these dangerous occurrences is through specialist storage. At Transcool Systems, we are highly experienced at providing specialist storage solutions. Our modular containers can be designed to bespoke specifications to suit any requirements. Speak to one of our advisers now about the best storage solution for your chemicals on 01903 733911 or info@transcoolsystems.co.uk.

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