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The Importance of HVAC in Coach and Bus Depots

Running a bus or coach depot means having to deal with numerous health and safety concerns. A significant hazard is the danger posed by diesel fumes. Exposure to the components of diesel fumes can cause serious damage to health and legislation demands that these risks are managed appropriately. Small changes to the depot and utilising the right HVAC system can minimise these risks, keeping the HSE happy and employees safe from harmful fumes.

Health Risks

In 2012, the World Health Organisation reclassified diesel fumes from “possibly carcinogenic” to “carcinogenic”, placing them in the same category as tobacco smoke and mustard gas. Although the levels of dangerous materials, such as sulphur, have been reduced in diesel, there is still considerable risk to those exposed to diesel fumes on a regular basis. The Health and Safety Executive associates various types of emissions with different health risks:

  • White smoke – particularly prevalent when engines are started cold in the morning – risk of upper respiratory tract and eye irritation.
  • Blue or black smoke – can occur when an engine is burning oil, this causes coughing, increased sputum production and breathlessness.
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons absorbed into soot – long-term exposure can cause lung cancer.

The HSE also provides guidelines on how these risks can be reduced or even eliminated.

Safety Measures

According to the HSE’s advice, a few small modifications to the working practices of a bus or coach depot can make big differences in keeping workers safe from harmful fumes. These suggestions include:

  • Changing the layout of the depot to minimise vehicles starting up in enclosed spaces.
  • Using cleaner fuel or modernising engine filters and exhausts.
  • Minimising the time spent by employees in areas where fumes are present.
  • Having an HVAC system specifically designed to deal with diesel fumes.

Transcool Systems design bespoke HVAC systems specifically tailored to the operation. This means that bus and coach depots can have air filtration units, which are perfectly suited to their needs, to provide extra filtration where needed but not waste energy. Not only will such a bespoke system protect employees’ health but it will also save money. Contact Transcool Systems today via info@transcoolsystems.co.uk or call us on 01903 733 911 to find out what we can do for you.