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The Most Popular Uses of On-Site Equipment Containers

Shipping containers are now being used for all kinds of purposes including being sound recording studios, accommodation for the homeless, Christmas tree shops and mobile broadcasting units.  Much more commonly, however, they are used for storage and transportation. Thanks to their bespoke temperature controlled design, Transcool Systems‘ ISO containers can be used to store delicate and temperature sensitive materials.  Here are the most popular and practical uses for these specialised containers:

1.    Pharmaceutical

Appropriate storage is particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry where fluctuations in temperature can damage delicate medicines.  The New York Times reported that, “During heat waves and cold spells, storage locations can go above or below [optimum] ranges, causing medicines to physically change, lose potency or even threaten your health”.  Correct storage is so important, in fact, that the World Health Organisation issued guidelines in their 2014 Technical Report about the ‘Design and Procurement of Storage Facilities’.  This document states that “Well designed, correctly sized, suitably located and well managed pharmaceutical stores…can significantly improve the operational efficiency of a health service by ensuring that patients receive the correct medicines in good condition and in a timely fashion”.

Transcool Systems designs and builds bespoke ISO containers with temperature control systems using either fresh air circulation, air conditioning or a hybrid system which switches between the two depending on external conditions.  This is ideal for storing pharmaceuticals as the medicines, which need to be kept at different temperatures. Multiple containers can be utilised so chemicals can be kept separately but conveniently close together.  The choice of temperature control systems allows products to be stored in all types of climates from temperate to tropical in a cost effective way. The internal environment is easily adjusted to different set points to allow different set ups, depending on the products.

2.    Manufacturing/Electronic Components

Correct storage conditions are equally important in the manufacturing industry.  Some components are sensitive to climate changes as metals can expand and contract with warm and cold weather.  Moisture is also very damaging to manufacturing components as it can cause corrosion and structural failures. Custom designed ISO containers are such a good option for storing manufacturing components and equipment, as their climate control systems can keep the environment regulated and constant.

3.    Mobile/Static Broadcasting and Telecommunications

The kind of sensitive electronic equipment and digital media devices used by broadcasting and telecommunication companies is also easily damaged by fluctuating temperatures.  Soldered components can also be damaged by the metal expansion and contraction that occurs with changing temperatures and delicate electronics are even more vulnerable to humidity.  Transcool Systems has vast experience in designing for broadcasting and telecommunication equipment in mobile ISO containers. We have a proven track record in designing to allow the broadcast of an analogue TV signal while the digital switchover was taking place.  These containers had interfaces for mains power, hybrid cooling systems to keep the equipment running at the optimal temperature and 100% redundancy systems to ensure reliability.

Therefore, whether in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, broadcasting or the telecommunications industry, storing temperature sensitive equipment or chemicals is made simple and cost effective with custom made ISO containers.  Transcool Systems can create bespoke containers for any application regardless of the size, climate or specification.  Contact Transcool Systems on 01903 733911 or info@transcoolsystems.co.uk to fulfil your equipment storage needs.