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The need for emergency servers in business? Don’t get hot under the collar

The need for emergency servers in business? Don’t get hot under the collar

Downtime, or the period when your server is not processing commands, is a significant threat to most organisations. Even a few minutes of downtime can cost you money but, more vitally, damage your reputation. Problems with your IT systems not only hints at unreliability but also the possibility that customers’ or clients’ data is vulnerable in your care.

The first step to counter this threat is to take every precaution to prevent downtime. However, no matter the provisions you make, downtime is difficult to fully eliminate. Therefore, companies should also invest in emergency backup servers that can keep a mission-critical network running, no matter what happens.

Equipment Failure

One of the significant causes of server downtime is equipment failure. Therefore, before exploring the need for emergency servers, you should make sure you have done all that you can to protect your IT infrastructure. Getting hot under the collar is not just a disease of the stressed executive dealing with customer complaints. If your servers are subjected to significant heat over extended periods, then you can bet on widespread outages.

Transcool Systems works with many companies to design and install quality cooling systems that can counter the risk of equipment failure. Such is the level of expertise within the company, we have a trusted reputation of using air and water-cooling to maintain the services offered. When continued functionality of the equipment is so essential to the existence of the organisation, then you need to be certain of your technical solution.

In the event of an emergency

Despite your best efforts to maintain the hardware, failures are still possible. The most frequent reason for downtime is human intervention through accident, negligence or malicious attack. Also, software failure and natural disaster can lead to potential dangers to your uptime. When running your servers in tropical environments, excessive heat is a more serious cause of downtime than any threat of hurricane or earthquake.

Plans for dealing with downtime need to not only consider in-house servers, but also what happens if the cloud provider experiences a significant outage. In such circumstances, you may need to rely on emergency servers. You have two options. First, you can deal with a company who offers such tech support in an emergency. You will temporarily use the organisation’s infrastructure whilst yours is under repair.

An alternative is to bring in a containerised solution. A fully kitted out container, with new server infrastructure in place, while your old equipment is decommissioned, repaired or replaced. Transcool Systems’ containers come kitted out with cooling and other technical support equipment and will be ready to use immediately. If the failure is critical, or even terminal, such an emergency solution could save the reputation, as well as the bottom line, of your company.

The short takeaway

When analysing the threats to your company, failures in your IT provision must be high on the list. You will invest in all sorts of digital solutions that may protect your productivity and data. However, you may need to consider reducing the heat and bringing in engineers who can elongate the life of your hardware.

If the worst happens, then drawing on the services of a company that can provide containerised solutions urgently could be a means of mitigating the threat.

Transcool Systems work with many companies and industries to keep their equipment cool. Contact us today to see what support we can offer your organisation.