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The Problems with Poor Refinery Environments

Oil refineries are notoriously dangerous places to work and major accidents often make the national news. Extremely high temperatures, hazardous substances and explosive materials combine to create a highly treacherous environment. Not only is the risk of explosions a very real concern, there is also the issue of fume inhalation, which can cause serious health problems. The right HVAC system can minimise these sorts of risks, keep employees safe and protect the refinery itself.

Preventing Explosions

Although strict health and safety policies exist to prevent the kind of accidents that cause explosions in oil refineries, they do still occur, putting employees at significant risk and causing devastating damage to specialist equipment. Specifically designed HVAC systems can help prevent accidents by containing explosions or limiting their size. For these systems to be effective, they need to be tailored closely to the application taking into consideration external conditions, the configuration of the building and the type of materials being used.

Worker Comfort

A more common cause of harm to refinery workers is exposure to hazardous substances. High temperatures, humidity, dust and fumes can make the working environment very unpleasant. Health problems associated with substances used in oil refinery are:

  • eye problems
  • headaches
  • convulsions
  • nose bleeds
  • respiratory diseases, such as asthma and bronchitis
  • lung and throat infections and cancers
  • digestive problems
  • damage to liver, kidneys, and bone marrow
  • fertility problems, miscarriages, stillbirths and birth defects
  • skin rashes, fungus and cancers

A bespoke HVAC system, which can be adjusted for variable outside conditions, different areas of the operation and different processes taking place, can help prevent these health problems and keep business working effectively. To find out how Transcool Systems can design and install a system bespoke to your business requirements contact us today on 01903 733911 or info@transcoolsystems.co.uk.

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