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The process from design to the installation of your industrial cooling solution

The process from design to the installation of your industrial cooling solution

Transcool Systems specialise in the bespoke design and manufacture of industrial cooling solutions. In addition, we can offer installation and commissioning, all tailored to your operation. Finally we will produce all the relevant documentation, managing the project from beginning to end.

What does all this mean? This article explores the journey with Transcool Systems, from initiation of the project, through to delivery. You will be surprised and delighted with the service that we can offer.

Choosing your solution

First, you will need to work with our sales team to decide on the systems requirements, potential products, services and time frames that meet your requirements. You might need to work with our design team, our project management specialists, or more. You may need site services; specialist logistics and equipment installations; power and monitoring installations or containers, cabins and enclosures. We will be able to advise on the nature of the solution required.

Then, jointly, we can decide what will be the type of components required and associated products. For example:

  • Air handling units, including duct silencers and acoustically lined enclosures.
  • Air ductwork, manual and motorised control and fire dampers and grilles and blowers.
  • Air filtration units designed to meet the required airflow and pressure drop of your air system, including the type of filter required to meet the local and ambient conditions.
  • Control panels, designed to minimise site wiring.
  • Pumping units and pipework, including atmospheric open tank type, fully sealed type with pressure vessel and hybrid tanks incorporating high-level expansion tank.
  • Heat exchangers, including plate-fin type and spirally wound finned tube type.

Bespoke design

Each of these solutions is designed specifically for your context. There is a range of design services available, including:

  • Engineering evaluation surveys
  • CAD services
  • Liquid and Air Cooling System design
  • Electrical, signal and data systems design

When you are looking to fit the best cooling system, you need it to fit the space and meet your needs. The nature of the work in the industrial context, as well as many other environmental factors, will mean that your cooling system needs individual attention. An experienced design engineer should carry out a full site measurement and take photographs, making sure the full requirements are captured and communicated. From here, a CAD services team will produce 2D and 3D drawings of the final design solution.

Project management

From the initial solution choices, through design and toward manufacture and installation, you need someone who understands cooling systems to manage the project. A project management team will be experienced in the delivery of quality installations, keeping your tight timescale and budget in mind. With such professional control over the complete project, you can be assured of the product and services you require.

When you take a company that offers sales support to design, through manufacture and to installation, managing the project along the way, you can be sure of a bespoke solution. Quality assurance and control is built into the process, providing efficiency, effectiveness and safety.

But it doesn’t end there! We offer maintenance and re-commissioning services, design modifications as your site requirements grow and expand, telephone support to all our customers with help and advice on getting the most out of your systems and so much more!

Contact Transcool Systems today to learn about how we can provide your industrial cooling system from design through to installation.