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The Top Three Things a Project Manager Must Consider

Whenever building projects are headed for an over-budget and out-of-time disaster, there are usually one or two individuals with superb project management skills who sweep in to save the day. So what superpowers do these masters possess that ordinary mortals don’t?  First off, they’re not superpowers. In fact, they are three key skills that, if applied from the very start, make it highly unlikely that the project will end up over running and blowing the budget.

1. Planning

It sounds obvious but thorough and realistic planning is key to any successful project.  Setting achievable targets from the start and making sure that everyone involved, including the client, is aware of them is essential.  Too many project managers plan a project that is doomed to fail because they set goals that would only be achievable in a perfect world.  The words ‘should’ and ‘if’ need to be eliminated.  Banish the phrase “We should be able to get this done by then if…” because weather, material supply issues, transport and even sickness are all factors that can waylay a building project. A good manager would take these into account at the very earliest planning stages and build in a margin for these possible hold-ups.

2. Communication

Although it is vital to communicate effectively during the planning phase of a project, it is equally important to keep this quality of communication going throughout.  Keeping the team informed of developments, changes of plans and progress, as well as delegating tasks appropriately, is important for making sure things run smoothly, as is listening to contractors and tradesmen about potential delays, problems and misgivings to cut off problems before they occur.  Consistent communication with the client maintains trust, while discussing potential changes and improvements that could be made as the project progresses will show them that you have their best interests in mind.

3. People

Planning and communication may be essential skills but they will not make a project successful if the manager has not chosen the right people to do the job.  Hiring workers and contractors with the right attitude is as important as hiring those with the right skills.  Contractors, in particular, need to have a strong team ethic to enable them to complete their part of the job in collaboration with others, so they support each other rather than getting in each other’s way.  Choosing contractors who are highly capable in their field and able to take instructions, but flexible enough to be able to change their plans if necessary, is at the heart of effective project managing.

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