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Transcool Systems – a 2021 round up

Transcool Systems - a 2021 round up

Founded in 2006, Transcool Systems Ltd celebrates 15 years of trading this year. And, the company is still going strong. The original Directors founded TSL, all of whom worked at Transcool Ltd, Billingshurst, after its owner announced that the company was closing.

The story of our last 15 years

As with today, the traditional banking community was reluctant to help SMEs, so, the first task was to raise enough capital so that they could find premises, to move all the purchased heavy fabrication equipment and rehire all the staff whilst continuing trade, design, build and install to meet clients’ needs.

They located in Littlehampton, West Sussex as it offered the best building and support services they needed. All the old Transcool Ltd clients were happy to continue trading with the newly formed company, as it would provide the consistent high standards they relied upon.

The digital switch over roll out was starting and a few years later the digital radio roll out started and Transcool Systems was there from the start to provide expert services to the broadcast infrastructure companies and broadcast transmitter manufacturers alike. This switch over took five years to complete and was heralded a great success.

In 2013, the UK Government approved the selling off of the 600 Mhz frequency band to the mobile operators for the new 4G service which created the need for site-based solutions and a transportable solution to maintaining service whilst the new DSO transmitters were returned under Channel Clearance. Once again, Transcool Systems Ltd, working closely with the broadcast infrastructure companies and broadcast transmitter manufacturers, designed and built site-based solutions and containerised solutions to meet the clients’ needs.

In 2015, one Director retired. As digital television engineering reduced, in 2015 the roll out of digital radio took off, with more and more investment in DAB from the BBC, and also commercial operators, meaning re-engineering of existing broadcast transmission sites was needed.

In 2015 and 2016 we started to be involved in more FM re-engineering projects as the investment was needed to maintain the analogue radio services that were still required all over the UK, and new services were still being added. Then in 2017, digital television engineering took off again with the next phase of Channel Clearance for the 700 Mhz frequency band for the mobile operators’ 5G networks. Also at the end of that year, another Director retired and our current Director, Brad Nicholson, became the sole owner of Transcool Systems Ltd.

Our most recent work has been within the re-engineering of the FM and VHF systems, and we are still working hard to deliver the UK’s analogue services.

Throughout our 15 years, Transcool Systems has never shied away from a challenge and we are proud to have played a significant role in the success of these projects.

2021 and the year of ventilation

Now, as we move into 2021, it is clear to all that choosing the right ventilation system is more vital than ever. It has been a difficult year for many companies, hoping to open their doors to employees and customers but restricted by pandemic lockdowns. While our product is more in demand than ever, Transcool Systems has also had to work hard to build back the business after the shutdown over these 12 months.

Overcoming challenges

With over £1 million in completed business, Transcool Systems has successfully carried out work in some of the hardest to reach places in the UK. Many of these destinations were made more challenging in the post-pandemic world.

In the Channel Islands, Alderney finally opened its doors to us in July, and we were able to re-engineer their DTV and Radio Transmission Site in October of this year. This was a delay of more than a year, as all external travel and accommodation on the island had been previously shut down. Our earlier attempt in July was thwarted by the failure of the Alderney port crane. As we had flown the staff over, as only freight can be shipped, some of our staff had a surprise holiday, whilst we worked hard to bring them home. Finally, shipments and staff arrived on the island and the much needed re-engineering was successfully completed. It does reflect on our resilience and dedication to our clients, ensuring the job is done, no matter what obstacles are put in our way.

Another example of this came recently when winter sea swells delayed work in the Hebridean islands of North and South Uist, as again ferries couldn’t reach the island safely. After waiting for several days and then driving a further 4 hours north to catch a shorter ferry from Skye, we managed to get onto Uist and get started. It showed the dedication of our team, who, in spite of a severely delayed start, rose to the challenge and successfully completed these projects on time and to budget.

Successful projects – Seamless co-ordination

The quality of our work was also on show closer to home on the Isle of Wight. All the cooling of the DAB and FM Transmitter Hall needed updating but had to be carried out without losing any broadcast service. This was going to be tricky as the equipment was sited in a hot and small room, with 24-hour broadcasts on multiple platforms. Once again, the team rose to the challenge with their knowledgeable and coordinated approach to the re-engineering.

Finally, our specially designed “Broadcast Ready” MF container, used to temporarily support broadcast services, was successfully put into service whilst the old site Marconi transmitters were removed. It had been stored “ready to use” since being Factory Acceptance Tested earlier in 2019. Indeed, it was so reliable that the customer continues to use the container to date whilst finding a permanent site solution.

It is yet another project among many that saw Transcool Systems offer effective and long-lasting cooling for the 24-hour / 7 days-a-week broadcast systems industry.

A quality team

With ventilation now so vital to the performance of most companies and the pressures of post-pandemic disruptions, the quality of our team has once again been clearly demonstrated.

Unfortunately, 2021 also saw the passing of a dear friend and colleague who suffered a sudden and significant heart attack. The whole team was devastated by the loss of a much-loved friend.

On a happier note, we saw new staff members in the office and in engineering roles embracing our ethos. They quickly understood the importance of our belief in offering technical solutions whilst providing a comprehensive service.

All our team understands the value we place on the people within our company and the wider community. We continue to support the YMCA, helping more young and homeless people of Sussex and Surrey find a way forward in life.

Our best wishes

Everyone at Transcool Systems would like to wish our customers and community a happy Christmas and a successful 2022. We are always available to help with your cooling needs, whenever and wherever it’s required.