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Ultra HD- the latest in TV technology

High Definition has been around longer than you might think.  You could have watched Germany beat Argentina in the 1990 World Cup Final on HD – though only at a few select cinemas in Italy and Spain.

However, TV technology marches ever onwards: our recent blog on Cloud TV looked at this fresh challenge to the traditional broadcasting model.  The BBC has continued to roll out new HD channels  and during this summer’s World Cup in Brazil it conducted closed trials of 4K Ultra HD, the latest technology to excite TV manufacturers, broadcasters and, as it becomes more widely available, viewers.

The ‘4’ in 4K refers to the fourfold increase in pixel density on current HD (some brands prefer the term Ultra HD or simply UHD).  The BBC’s trials involve High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), which compresses the unwieldy mass of pixels and additional data into more manageable video files.  This ensures they can be transmitted over the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) platform and also makes them easier to store.

You get more with 4
Even content produced for ‘normal’ HD will be enhanced by a 4K screen.  But included in the wider 4k package will be faster frame rates, which make a noticeable difference to viewing from a variety of distances, alongside advances in contrast and colour.  All are set to revolutionise the viewing experience.  Keen photographers will be won over too, when they see what their travel snaps look like in sharp resolution.
At present TV tuners are not equipped for 4k, so a set-top box is required before compatible TVs arrive on the scene next year.  In the meantime, over the summer The Digital Video Broadcasting Project (DVB) Steering Board gave the nod to an Ultra HD TV broadcast specification for Europe.

Transcool Systems
When technology changes, so must the hardware to deliver it.  As a broadcasting specialist, Transcool Systems is working to ensure transmitters can broadcast live Ultra HD programmes anywhere in the world using the DTT platform.

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